The ship member were extremely ill, They had

The Bubonic PlagueThe bubonic plague has a very long history starting when the most powerful epidemic hit in 1347. The bubonic plague still continuing but not as bad as it was in the 14th century. The bubonic plague was known as the black death in the 14 century. It has claimed an estimated 75 million humans lives, the history, god wrath ,and death toll is all very important information to learn about. The black death came to europe by sea in 1347, The 12 genoese trading ships came from the black and docked at silicon port caring the plague.The people that went to get the ship and dock found almost all of the crew member dea. The rest of the ship member were extremely ill, They had a bad fever and unable to keep food down and were delirious from pain. The ill were covered in black boils that ooze blood and pus. These spots are what gave the illness its name the black death. The sicilian authorities hastily ordered the ships to be put out of the harbor, But it was to late over the next very long few years the bubonic plague killed over 20 million people in europe alone that’s nearly one-third of the continents population.Understanding the black death is a hard thing to do by the average joe know, let alone when it swept through 14th century europe. People then had no idea what was going on and some thought that they were being being punished by god. Know scientist are able to understand that the bubonic plague is spread by a bacillus called yersina pestis. They know that the bacillus travels from person to person pneumatically. It can also be spread by bite by a rat or a flea which is why its was affecting europe so bad because they can be found almost anywhere at that time because of the bad waste disposal systems. Not long after it struck Messina the Black Death spread to Marseilles in France and the port of Tunis in North Africa. Then it reached Rome and Florence two cities at the center trade routes. By the middle of 1348, the Black Death had struck Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and London.People in the 14th thought that that the reason that they were getting sick by the black plague is because they were sinning such as blasphemy, heresy, fornication and worldliness. The people though that the only way that they could get away from god’s wrath they would have to purge there communities of heretics and other trouble maker that break god’s laws , So many thousands of jews were massacred in 1348 and 1349. Thousands more the cities to get away from the murders.The Black Death epidemic had run its course by the early 1350s, but the plague reappeared every few generations for centuries. Modern sanitation and public health practices have greatly shrunk the impact of the disease but have not eliminated it.