The should be in standard and maintained properly

The strategies and components necessary to connect the LAN
to the Internet and add protection and access control.- Firstly we need a proper plan to initiate the connection
of LAN to the Internet.- Always try to Plan the networks and their network
complexity in a line with the IT expertise and customers.- There should be proper Redundancy because Network uptime
is more critical every year and also spending the time on planning a design
that provides network redundancy from a physical and logical perspective is
very important.- There should be Standards and maintenance in order to
initiate the LAN connections. Different types of device and switches should be
in standard and maintained properly by the vendors.- We should always maintain the proper Network management
tools in order to keep the infrastructure secure.- We should always do the Network security monitoring using
transaction data to keep the secure infrastructure.- The Channel like Cisco and Cisco’s new campus networking
tools which can offers us the proper software-defined networking, management
and security capabilities and we can adopt the common security test.- There should be Potential customers, use cases because as
for customer uptake Chandler cited Cisco Software-Defined Access technology as
creating opportunities.- There should be Centralized management and security in
order to make better secure infrastructure.- We have plenty of technology coming very month and very
year so we should maintain the Customer acceptance.- And we should maintain the Remote switch management
services which will offer us the partnership to recure the revenue and have a
closer relationships with the customers and if they have skilled staff and
solid technology also we can uphold with them and find a better way to overcome
the secure area.* And the things we should know all about the security is
very important the things are like:- we must know the understand about the newly assigned
business/systems security
– we must know the how to Establishing acceptable bounds for behavior in the
company security
– we must know the Leading the employees to do the right thing
– we must know How policy protects people, organizations, and information
– we must know the Relationship of mission statement to policy
– we must know the Policy versus procedure.
– We must know the Policy needs assessment.
– we must know the Governing policy
– we must know the Issue-specific policy
– we must know the Positive and negative tone
– Policy review and assessment process
– we must know the Role of psychology in implementing policy
– we must know the Organizational culture and securing them for better.- And for access control we need to setup the Access Control
of the Internet with Firewall on modem router.- Also the wireless Routers provide convenient and strong
internet access control function so that it can control the internet activities
of hosts in the LAN.- Building up the firewall for better security because
firewall is a device that is implemented on a network to provide security from
potential intruders.- Setup the Virtual LANs why because in order to group the
Ethernet ports on an IEEE 802.1Q compliant switch or a grouping of switches we
need a Virtual LANs.- Finally we need to do Routing & Switching Security and
give the remote access to the end users.- We have many employees on assignment outside the office so
we need for remote access continues to increase.- The Remote access servers (RAS) and virtual private
network (VPN) are two technologies that offer remote access service.- Remote access is vital to organizations for sales,
support, branch offices and off-site partners.So these all are the steps to follow in order to connect the
LAN to the Internet and add protection and access control.