The Sole Survivor

Muar, 29 January 2003: All but one of the 116 people abroad an Air Asia plane died when the passenger plane lost airspeed and crashed. The Boeing 737 headed from KLIA to Senai on a domestic flight. The sole survivor, a 17-year old girl was critically injured…and the sole survivor is me!

The lights went out at the moment of the crash. The sound of everything was deafening- shrieking metal, busting glasses, and the painful screams. In a second, the people around me thrown forward into the gloom, and I was lobbed very far away from my seat. It was extremely dark and I could not see anything except hearing my own scream that went harmonically with the sound of annihilation.

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Then, it suddenly became silence…and it seemed that I was alone. Quiet and the only thing that I could hear was my own breath…inhale…exhale…inhale…exhale… I tried to move, but I could not do it. There was like a big stone on my chest. Something warm flowed on my eyes…to my nose…sharp and fishy, which reminded me about the car accident two years ago.

It began with an ordinary morning, which I have to go back to my college in Johor Bahru since the holidays was over. The journey from KL to JB by bus will going to make me tired, and take away my energy, so I decided to go back by plane. Plus, it is not very expensive nowadays. My mother sent me to KLIA and gave a warm and sweet kiss on my forehead before my departure. “Take care Sayang. I love you so much!” She cried. She never cried when I wanted to go back to college before. I did not know why…I cried too. I fell asleep just after I sat on my seat. Then, everything changed. In a moment, I found myself lying on nowhere, surrounded by dumbness.

It was so dark and complete blackness. So dark that it would make no difference between opening my eyes or close them. I could see nothing but I knew there was someone beside me. I could feel his warmth and smell his fragrance…CK Crave. I whispered, “Hello, can you hear me” but there was no reply. ” You got to be patience…we have to wait for the rescue team,” I added, but still no answer from him.

My thoughts of rescue team were interrupted by a streak of blue light. I blinked my eyes a few times. The light became brighter and brighter. Suddenly someone who was very familiar appeared. He was smiling. Then I whispered in pain, “father…I miss you so much.” He smiled again, but there were drops of tears from his eyes. ” Alia, you have to be tough, be patience, and be strong.” He said, very soft and calm. “I can’t…I want to be with you…take me away from here…I can’t take this anymore” I replied. ” I know you can, Alia.” He kissed me on my forehead like what he used to do everyday. I could feel his cold lips and he disappeared, and the blue light faded away. I hoped for the rescuer will come soon, because I felt pain all over my body and I knew that I needed serious medical attention.

Suddenly, I saw lights came from everywhere. I finally could see myself. There was something very huge on my chest and blood everywhere. On my left, I could see a guy in indescribable condition, the guy with CK Crave perfume. Bodies were scattered everywhere, burned and charred could be seen all over the place.

I tried to catch the rescuers’ attention. But I could not move or say even a word. At last, someone appeared beside me. “Hey! There’s someone still alive here…the only one that we still can rescue.” He yelled. A group of rescuer came to me and removed the thing on my chest…I felt relief.

I feel very lucky to be the sole survivor of the worst Air-crash that ever happened in Malaysia. Nobody is quite sure how I could survive. Physicist will tell us that any fall above 2000 feet, it will reach the terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour, which means we will die once we hit. However, according to government, there are two factors that made me survived from the crash. First, the drag on the tail section of the plane was sufficient to apparently cause the object to spiral down below terminal velocity. And the second, the part of the plane where I was in, during the crash, hit at angle on the side of Gunung Ledang and continued to travel down and thus not all of the momentum was stopped at once. But for me, the only reason how I could survive from the crash is, the strength that I got when my late-father came and kissed me during the accident.