The the AZA, this association makes sure all

The argument on whether confining
animals is right in zoos is a popular topic. The developing interest in nature
and other species led to the introduction of zoos in 1763 in Paris, France.
This allowed close up studies on the animals and allows entertainment and a
learning experience for the public.  With
all said, trapping animals in small spaces and unnatural habitats sounds like a
prison for the animals.

zoo allows an educational experience which brings people closer to wildlife and
also allows scientist do some beneficial research. Zoos also help protect
endangered species by working on local conservation efforts to keep specific
animals with threats of distinction population increasing. There are activities
using local habitats near the zoo, this gives the people a hands on view of
what is sharing this land with you and if endangered what you can do to help. An
advantage that I wouldn’t mind for myself would be free meals in a habitat best
suit for me, which is a modern flat. To keep all animals protected they have
the AZA, this association makes sure all exhibitors have high quality of animal
care for example the proper nutrition, medical care, and habitats are best suit
for each animal. What zoos also provides for the animals is available
veterinary care. Many zoos have what they call a treatment room, this allows
for animals to be brought for regular examination so good health is maintained.
The zoo also provides many good paying jobs, it can be used as an economic
resource for a community.


zoo may provide free food for the animals but they have a habitat similar to
their own with limited space. Even natural habitat enclosures do not fit all
the needs of all animals. Modern zoos try to replicate all animals’ habitats,
for animals such as an elephant this is impossible. A herd of elephants walk
30- 50 kilometers every day, traveling in herds of 40 + elephants. The small enclosure
also effect the elephant’s mood, they migratory animals so staying in one spot
makes them aggressive. Keeping these animals in captivity has questionable
ethics. May be a cat or a dog can do good in captivity but animals like an orca
for example would only live 17 year in captivity but when free can live up to
100 years. Another reason is when animals that were born in captivity are
released into their habitats if part of a predator species they will be killed.
The concept of a zoo puts animal’s lives second to our own, when somebody
tempers with the animal enclosure it’s the animals’ life that’s put at risk.
For example, in 2016 an unaccompanied 3 year old baby crawled into a gorillas
fenced in area and to protect the baby they had to kill the gorilla. The
gorilla was male named Harambe and his life matters just like mine. The main
critique people have regarding zoos is that they are merely places for human
amusement. People usually go to the zoo for a day of fun, not for a day of
educational learning. These animals are being captured and placed into zoos for
no reason other than human amusement.

opinion is, it may be true that in the past there has been many cases of animal
cruelty, however there has been continuous improvement in facilities and
standards that must be held. There are too many advantages that having zoos
provide that you can’t just take them away. In ways some of the animals
captured are rescued and the zoo with their vets bring them back to 100% while
watching their progress. In a way the zoo can be looked as a an animal
hospital, certain animals should stay in their rightful habitat but the animals
that need help and are not ready or healthy enough to be released into the
wild. We can open this up to the public to see the different species to help
educate the public. I think certain animals’ people should have to travel to
their habitat to see them. We shouldn’t be able to bring them to our facilities
for our convenience, if we want to see an elephant in Africa they have safaris
set up and they drive across a couple herds. Maybe if they see an elephant
injured bad and the best facility for treatment would be a zoo in America I
understand that but when the elephant is at 100% they must send the elephant
back. I just think these should be basic laws to help treat animals fairly because
they are living beings just like us. Animals are not entertainment not
everything the world provides has t