The the features of the 2018 Land Rover

The 2018 Range Rover Velar is a luxurymid-size crossover SUV that is manufactured by Land Rover. It is the fourthmodel in the line of Range Rover and the Velar was originally unveiled in March2017. This was done in London, England and it was official released in theSummer of 2017.                                                                                                                                                                                          The Velar name was initially used for a set of pre-production firstgeneration Range Rover originally in the year of 1969.

This book will cover thefeatures of the 2018 Land Rover Range Rover which will properly inform thereader on what is available from these vehicle.                                                                                                                                                                                                  1.      DesignThe 2018 Range Rover Velarhas a revolutionary design that is guided by new philosophies. The vehicle hasmany awesome features as it is equipped with door handles and a rear spoilerthat aims to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. There will include a foilstamped grille which is one of the unique appearances that gives the van agreat presence. 2.

      Technology The entertainment systemis a Touch Pro Duo that integrates the HD touchscreens. There is a Touch ProDuo that provides an options full colour Head Up Display and an InteractiveDriver Display. This approach helps you to view and interact with the featuressimultaneously.       3.      PerformanceIf you are using theAutobahn or driving on a country lane. The 2018 Range Rover Velar will havefull capability at its core. There is an All-Wheel Drive (AWD) feature thatcoupled along with the IDD – Intelligent Driveline Dynamics and TorqueVectoring.

The combination will give the driver a thrilling and engaging drive. 4.      Explore External Design                    The design of the 2018Range Rover Velar is nothing less than progressive design. The vehicle comeswith a roof that is complemented by a boastful waistline.

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It has greatsimplicity that will show its individuality and confidence. The design cue goesall the way from the front bumper all the way to the rear of the vehicle and itwill make a great impact. 5.      Calm SanctuaryAll from the commanddriving position, the driver will have ultimate control with easy access to two10″ HD touchscreens. There are also individual sliding armrests and moodlighting that can be configured to your needs. Most details can be consideredto refine and provide an excellent driving experience.

 6.      Headlights (LED)The headlights are boldlydesigned with LED headlights that will produce high quality light that is quiteclose to daylight. This gives great illumination and will reduce overall eyefatigue. When you are at higher speeds, the technology will enhance thevisibility of the main beam.

 7.      Driver DisplayThe 2018 Range Rover Velarhas a 12″ HD driver display that is highly interactive. It receives a lot ofinformation, entertainment and safety data pertinent to the vehicle. It willinclude aids for navigation, phone, media and driving aids.

 8.      Heads-up displayThere is a Head up Display(HUD) that provides an additional option that will give an additional optionthat will present key vehicle information in full color. The high resolutiongraphics will allow the driver to see key inputs with great convenience.

 9.      InfotainmentThis is a Land Rover systemand the unique system is called Touch Pro Duo. This will provide the driverlots of information and entertainment that they need. It is provided with anintuitive and many integrated technologies.

 This will ensure that you will maximize yourjourney.  10.  Innovation The 2018 Range Rover Velarhas been designed to given an efficient and responsive driving ability that isprovided by its V6 and 4 cylinder Ingenium engines. There is a lightweightarchitecture that has been built to fulfil a life cycle approach. They useadditional material that will produce less emissions and a lower fuelconsumption. 11.  Road PerformanceThe performance of thevehicle is based on the fact that it can provide a comfortable, confident andan enjoyable drive.

This is supported with top innovations such as AdaptiveDynamics and Electric Air Suspension systems. This will give you an enhancedride and better handling for the road.  12.  Off Road capabilityThe Range Rover contains aHill Descent Control feature that will assist the driver to be able to adapt tooff rod driving. There is an additional feature named Terrain Response 2. Thevehicle is able to use its various systems to adapt to the different allweather and all surface capability. 13.  Driver AidsThere are many optionaldriving aids available that can enhance the driving experience.

The aids arebased on the most innovative engineering and available technologies. Some ofthese technologies manage various driving situations easily. 14.  Comfort and Convenience The seating options are madefrom materials such as Suedecloth, Luxtec and Perforated Windsor Leather orTextile and Suedecloth. The front seats can experience the climate controls andthe memory seat feature while the rear seats are reclining and heated.

  15.  TransmissionThe transmission containedin the 2018 Range Rover Velar is an 8 speed that has been finely tuned by theengineers. The manufacturers work tirelessly to combine rapid response andsmooth shifts. These use a closely spaced ratio with gear changes that areunnoticeable. 16.  SuspensionThe suspension isguaranteed to provide a comfortable drive that will be aided by an independentcoil system. This makes the vehicle agile and fitted with a responsive chassisthat the driver will appreciate.

The Electronic suspension system will providea wheel articulation and good poise.                                                                                                                                       17.  Driving off roadThe vehicle had aclearance of 251mm and a 30″ departure angle with a 24 degree break over. Itwill be smooth running off road that will not provide any snags on theelectronic differential. This approach will provide exceptional traction onchallenging terrains. 18.  WadingThe 2018 Range Rover Velarcan go through water of approximately 650mm.

There is a wading sensing featurethat utilizes sensors that are in the door mirrors. These sensors will notifythe user when the water levels are near the maximum depth for the vehicle. Theinformation system will provide real time information and it is quite useful inthe dark conditions. 19.  TowingThe vehicle can tow up to2,500kg easily as it has an optional electronic tow bar that is deployable. Thetow bar can be stored in the rear bumper if the driver so desires by a customfitting. Also the versatility of the Range Rover can be further enhanced bychoosing additional items from the Gear Accessories.

 20.  Auto Access HeightThe car can be fitted withan option of Electronic Air Suspension and the vehicle will benefit from thefunction of Automatic Access Height. This feature was made to allow the driverto get in and out of the vehicle with great ease.

When this feature is active,the vehicle can be lowered by up to 40mm. 21.  Premium TextilesThe designers havepartnerships with many world renowned craftspeople and designers that utilizewool blends and suede cloth fabrics which can be selected via various colors orhaving an alternative to leather. 22.  Audio OptionsThere are four differentaudio systems that are available for this vehicle. This can be the Land RoverSound System or the other three audio specialities that are offer from otherBritish audio experts. No matter what you choose you can be guaranteed to lookforward to a rich experience. 23.

  Climate ControlThe climate control willallow the user to adjust the temperature that is required by them. It containsa two zone climate system or an optional four zone climate control can beselected. This can make life more comfortable by adjusting things such asdirection, temperature levels and the intensity of the airflow. 24.  ConnectivityThere are charging pointslocated in the 2018 Range Rover Velar which can be used by any of the fivepersons who occupy the vehicle. It does not matter where they sit, they will beentertained for all of the drive whether they are using a mobile phone, tabletor another device. 25.

  Heated and CooledThere is an option thatprovides climate selection for the front seats and the heated second row thatwas made to provide optimal comfort at any particular temperature. Both thedriver and passenger will get to set their independent temperature. 26.  Isofix This happens to be pointsin the rear seats where it will make it completely easy to install child seats.

These points guarantee that there is a strong connection between the child seatand the vehicle for overall improved safety. 27.  AirbagsThe Range Rover Velar hasa great airbag system that is made up of six driver and passenger airbags.These are designed to provide the best protection to the occupants of thevehicle.

 28.  Seat beltsThere are pretensionersthat are fitted to the seatbelts that have activated when any suddendeceleration is detected. The approach is done by pulling the seat occupantvery tightly to the seat and this is done to protect and secure the passengersin the event of the collision. 29.  Sports Command Driving PositionThe position that thisvehicle provides to the driver is referred to as a Sports Command Position.This gives them a confident and engaged position to control the vehicle. Theelevated position gives the driver improved visibility which contributes tobetter security and better safety.

 30.  Driving SystemsThe vehicle uses thelatest safety technologies that include the Electronic Traction control (ETC)which will use the traction and Electronic Brake Force Distribution systems.This will adjust the force of braking in each axle to minimise the stoppingdistance required. 31.

  Emergency Brake AssistThis system will interpretand understand the braking when it is applied quickly and will use thenecessary force to maximize the stropping performance. The brake pressure willbe boosted in the ABS pump and this will ensure that the vehicle will stop intime. 32.  Trailer Stability Assist This feature is used todetect when a dangerous situation is forming and will help the driver to regaincontrol of the vehicle if the need arises. This is done be gently reducing thespeed by cutting the engine power and applying the brakes. It is also capableof applying the brakes individually on either side to control the sway.

 33.  Autonomous Emergency BrakingThis feature is veryhelpful to prevent any collision from happening with other vehicles orpedestrians. If the vehicle detects a potential front collision, it will notifythe driver and give you enough time to take action.  34.

  Lane Departure WarningThis helps to make thoselong journeys safer for the passengers. It will sense when the vehicle isswitching lanes unintentionally and will give a visual alert along with agentle vibration of the steering wheel. 35.  Speed Proportional ElectronicPower Assisted SteeringThis feature gives veryresponse feedback that will adapt to the current conditions of the vehicle. Itis also responsive on demand and will reduce the CO2 emissions by an estimated3 percent as compared to the hydraulic system. 36.  Coil SuspensionThis is a fullyindependent suspension that puts together double wishbones that connect anadvanced multi-link rear suspension that was made to have a highly responsivechassis.

The ride will be given in comfort and stability when heavily laden andare optimized in different ways that is incorporated within the rearsuspension. 37.  Terrain Response The vehicle has over 65years that provide an expertise that is based on the history of Land Rover.There is a response system that has 5 unique modes that can be enabled tooptimize the various things such as the vehicles engine, centre differential,chassis system and gearbox. These will be adjusted based on the currentterrain. 38.

  Adaptive Dynamics The vehicle has adaptivedamping which will monitor the position of the wheel at a rate of 500 times persecond and the body at 100 times per second. This is done to ensure there isprecise control that will minimize body roll. 39.  Low Traction LaunchThis feature will ensurethe vehicle has maximum traction when it is pulling away on a slippery surface.

It will control the amount of torque that is being sent to each wheel and isdesigned to prevent wheel spin and maximizing drive.  40.  Cornering Brake Control (CBC)This will vary the brakingforce in each wheel that will assist when the brakes are applied around thecorner and the limit of the grip is achieved.

The comprehensive system willprevent any wheel lock up and skidding in the even through the varying changesin braking force. 41.  Torque Vectoring by Brake(TVBB)The system will increasethe maximum cornering capacity which will reduce the understeer by reviewingthe yaw rate and braking on each individual wheel. The engine will output greattorque will be increased to maintain the vehicle progress combining the steeringperformance and the Land Rover abilities.

 42.  Electric Parking Brake (EPB)The parking brake isactivated by using a button to activate it and this will ensure that thevehicle is securely parked. This is one of the new and innovative features.

 43.  Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)The ABS when engaged willprevent any wheel lockup under braking. This will allow the driver to retainthe ability to steer and shorten the braking distance. This is a safety featurethat will help to ensure that the passengers will be safe in the event of anemergency.

 44.  Acoustic Laminated WindscreenThe 2018 Range Rover Velarhas an acoustic laminated windscreen that helps to reduce noise inside thecabin so the driver and passengers will be unbothered and quite comfortableinside. This also helps to make inside a refined environment that is effortlessand comfortable. 45.  Rain sensing wipersThe vehicle has rainsensing wipers that will automatically wipe the rain away when it falls. Therewill be no need for driver intervention. The automatic headlights will also beon the vehicle when it has the sensing wipers. The headlights will come on whenlow light is detected.

 46.  Follow me home lightingThe Range Rover has afeature called Follow me home lighting which will help you get safely to yourdoor at night. When the vehicle is parked, the headlights will stay on for afew extra seconds after the engine is switched off.

 47.  Tyre Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS)This TPMS will give theuser a warning light if there is an issue with the tyre pressure. In the eventthat the pressure is low, there will be an amber warning light to notify thedriver. If the pressure somehow goes any lower, the warning will advise you tostop the vehicle.   48.

  Intrusion SensorThis sensor gives the userenhanced theft-protection by using ultrasonic sensors to detect if there is anyintrusion in the cabin area when the vehicle is closed. If the alarm istriggered the car will send an acoustic warning and the hazard warning lightswill be turned on automatically. 49.

  RemoteThere is an InControlremote Premium app that will give upgraded information on the vehicle and allowthe driver to interact with it remotely. This application can work with Androidor Apple iOS smartphone. It can be used to remotely preheat/cool the car,unlock/lock doors or located the vehicle using a feature called beep and flash. 50.

  Rear Parking AidThis aid helps to makereversing in some areas easier for the driver. The sensors are located in therear bumper so they are activated when the vehicle is placed in Reverse. Agraphic will appear on the touchscreen showing a plan of the surrounding area.