The the United States. The death penalty is

The death penalty is an extreme punishment that is in our Criminal Justice System. There is no harsher punishment in the world other than the capital punishment itself. As of now, there are fifty-eight countries that use the death penalty. In the United States, citizens have debated over whether or not the death penalty should still continue in our country for years. It’s an issue that has our nation quite divided. The debates from the death penalty formed two sides: one side that’s in favor of the death sentence and one that is against capital punishment. However, it’s a is very ineffective in punishing criminals in the United States. The death penalty is a sentence that should be abolished because it violates our rights, the process costs a lot of money, and it does not deter criminals from committing crimes. The death penalty violates citizens human rights in the United States. One human right that capital punishment violates is the Eighth Amendment. The Eighth Amendment to the Bill of Rights is that it prohibits cruel and unusual punishment, and also mentions excessive bails and fines. The death penalty violates the Eighth Amendment because it involves a person going through a cruel and unusual punishment. To execute someone that has committed a horrible crime is still considered cruel. I disagree with the death penalty being a tool for justice.The process of going through the capital punishment uses a lot of money. It is a big problem for taxpayers financially because the actual price of setting up the death penalty comes close to five times higher than leaving the criminal sentence for life in prison. In 1995, it cost $1.5 million to sentence one person to death in a Washington County murder case. There are others who side with the death penalty is effective in the United States. They say that capital punishments play a vital part in our battle against crime and punishment of the culprits of those wrongdoings. The death penalty also carries out retribution rightly. When somebody commits a crime it disrupts the order of society; these violations take away lives, peace, and freedoms of society. However, having our rights and tax dollars taken away by the death penalty is not worth having it around in our country.The death penalty should be abolished in our Criminal Justice system. Crime will always continue and remain in our society until it ends. There is nothing that can stop people from committing unlawful acts, and capital punishment does not appear to be the solution. Occasionally, innocent people go through this process, and usually, the victims’ families of the do not feel any closure that one would desire for because the criminal went through the death penalty. Even law enforcement think that the death penalty is not a solution to keep crime away in our society. So is the death penalty effective in reducing crime rates in the United States?