THe three types. They are as follows:High SeverityMedium

THe cybersecurity issues that are being observerd immensely nowadays are as follows:CIS Control #4: Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and RemediationThe handling and remediation of the vulnerability is the most important part because it plays an major role in getting the company devised to make the system or the network secure.Hence, here is the complete explaination to the continuous Vulnerability Assesment and the Remediation.Flaws:Updating Process:?The updating process here in the chromium is showing some very severe flaws like when the chromium is trying to update they update in the two partitions.It does not comes into effect until and unless both the partitions are completed updating , so , if there are some errors in anyone of the partition it may result in exiting of the update and then it would become very hard to process the updates.Rebooting If Anything Hapens:?As, the security expert said at the end of the video that if we catch any irregularity in the system than we must reboot and then things will change back to normal.This is a very bad approach and must not be practiced because when we shutdown the system when such processes are being handled there can be changes in the registry entries and leading to the irregular operating of the softwares and many processes of the OS.Security Issues:The security issues in Chromium has been divided by Google into three types.

They are as follows:High SeverityMedium SeverityLow SeverityThe security issues that occurs to the security team of the chromium is been solved in coming recent times.As they have proved back in time to solve many XSS bugs ,Kernel Memory Corruption,etc.As it mostly appears and keeps on appearing as a security issue in chromium I think that there are many Memory Corruption bugs remaining in the application and must be taken care of.accordingly.Recently there were many vulnerabilities found out in Chromium and taken care of accordingly.Hence, these are the possible security issues that might be residing in the Chromium.Exploiting Vulnerabilities:The latest Chromium version was affected with a Multiple Vulnerability for allowing Remote Attackers to bypass security restrictions. In this exploit the attacker was able to record audio/video without even getting the user know it.This was done by bypassing the security restrictions and was made possible because of the UX(User Exprience) flaw in the application.The hacker could use this video to note down the daily acitivities of the victim and would take advantage of it as he wants.This flaw was fixed for the local users but for websites it is possible to spy on you till now and any website can record on any user accessing their website.Hence, these are the exploits that are undertaken by an hacker to harm the victim in any possible way.Rate an upvote…..ThankyouHope it helps…..