The Ties That Bind II

Who are the forefathers to whom the speaker refers to in Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard?
The forefathers are the village ancestors who have died

What is the inevitable hour that the rich and ambitious share with their forefathers?
the moment of death

According to the speaker, how is the memory of the forefathers preserved?
Their memory is preserved by their tombstones

What is the setting of A Nocturnal Reverie?
The setting is a quiet twilight and night in the country

What does the poet wish for in these final lines?
a break from the hectic cares of daily life

In a A Nocturnal Reverie what is the speaker’s attitude toward morning?
It is a time for renewed toil and activity

What element of neoclassical poetry is demonstrated in the images and phrasing of this Pre-Romantic stanza?
formal polish

Which elements in this stanza anticipate Romantic literature?
the heightened emotion and nature images

What characteristics mark this passage as Pre-Romantic?
formal structure and language, an attention to nature, and nameless feelings

What is the main idea of the first stanza?
The speaker observes the end of the day as life winds down and darkness sets in

Which of the following accurately paraphrases the stanza?
The dead cry out for rememberance

Which of the following accurately paraphrases the following?
Nature makes the human spirit content and inspires human beings by its beauty

What is the relationship between place and literature in Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard and A Nocturnal Reverie?
The peace and isolation found in the settings of the poems gives both poets time to arrive at deep insights at life

What is Pre-Romantic about Gray’s concern for the unknown dead of a country graveyard and Finch’s loving attention to humble creatures?
Both poets imply that value and dignity lie in the simple beauties of life, not in ambitious pursuits

How do the themes in both Gray’s and Finch’s poems anticipate Romanticism?
They deal with common people and the mysteries of life and they emphasize emotion