The to a wide range of readers. The

article I am reviewing is “Government wants to make cars talk to each other”. An
exceedingly well-known article by new and prospective drivers, this article
traces security innovation the administration is trusting auto fabricates make

 One major thing that an article should be is
honest according to “Measure of Excellence”. As I am read through the article I
looked up some of the information they provided, and it was truthful. The
writer is being honest to the readers, the writer provides real information
that is coming from Aaron Keesler of the New York Times. The writer uses valid
information that is been proven and have documents on file.

quality that an article should have is clarity. The article was clear and
understandable. It is easy to locate the topic and is well supported by
information. It talks about companies such as Google that is making great
strides on vehicles that can literally drive themselves. And he goes on and to talk
about how researchers are trying all these new things. All these information is
clear enough that the reader can understand it right away, because people may
have heard it before and it is easy to understand.

thing that an article needs is accuracy. The article was accurate and is backed
up by valid sources. All
the facts and concepts in the document are valid. The writer makes
sure that the information is correct and not letting his personal opinions
affect his article.

Next thing that an article needs to have is comprehensiveness.
The article gives adequate subtle elements on the idea, including foundation
data, with the goal that all classifications of readers can comprehend the
significance behind the archive. The writer makes sure any information he is
presenting is easily understood for the readers.

Another thing that an article needs is accessibility.
The article is made of little, free segments. The different parts of the record
are open to a wide range of readers. The writer makes sure not to make the
article a chore. I am the reader and I can access the information easy with
little hassle.

Next thing that an article needs is conciseness. The
article contains no pointless expressions, superfluous long words, and uses
temperate syntactic structures. The article gets right to the point, forget the
pointless subtle elements or enormous words. The writer gathers the data to as
short as could be allowed while yet being viable

Another thing that an article must have is professional
appearance. The article sticks to an arrangement’s benchmarks and is all around
developed and flawless. The article stands out enough to be noticed with a
slick and respectable content that won’t bore them to death in the meantime,
keep a cheerful medium of enlightening and fun.

The last thing that an article needs is correctness.
The article holds fast to the convictions of language structure, accentuation,
spelling, mechanics, and utilization.  

this article is great. I use the 8 measures of excellence to review the article.
The article passes all those point. So base on the result, this is a great