The to eliminate such constraints which limit the

desired outcomes for Evergreen Products is to keep a satisfying quality, lower
lead time and decrease inventory in order to meet consumers demand. Evergreen
should wish to have accurate and timely entry orders in the system. However,
this is the bottleneck in the supply chain in our case. Indeed, the challenging
point for the company is their order entry system which bears a detrimental
effect on the company. As it is explained in the case, clerks record the
customer number on a sheet which creates issues in the form of inaccuracy and
inefficiency as soon as they record an error. Therefore, there is a need to
eliminate such constraints which limit the flow of activities.


A way to
resolve this loophole is to have Evergreen to concentrate their order via an
electronic system where customers would order their product online. Customers
will be then responsible for populating correct information digitally regarding
what they are willing to buy. It would remove bottlenecks and increase
productivity since it is a centralized and shared system between customers and
the shop floor. Sales account manager will view orders instantaneously, and not
wait to pick up the pile of orders once a day. It will increase speed to the
process. Since less people will connect the overall process errors should
diminish. Another way of thinking is that clerks should put orders directly to
a system linked with members of the supply chain. Thus, sales account manager
would be in a position to review and report errors more rapidly than in the
first or second process of the Evergreen case. Moreover, the salesperson could
also report to the system orders, instead of making mistakes through the phone.
Thus, when the top floor receives orders, they can prepare them and correct any
mistake. This patch should reduce by 15% the issue. It would also eliminate the
repeat process as soon as a clerk or traveling salesperson perform an error.


We can observe that the entry system is deteriorated.
40% of the orders of the company suffer from an error. Thus, the order system
is not effective. For instance, for a telephone placed an order to call the
sales accounting manager will take half a day to process it, and it takes
between half a day to two days for employees to liaise with sales accounting
managers. The order entry system needs to change in order to improve the
efficiency of the overall process