The underestimates its capabilities, since this plug-in not

The only commercial product in the group, intended
specifically for turning off tracking, is DoNotTrackMe (DNTM). The manufacturer
uses the freemium model to ensure privacy: you get the basic anti-tracking
features for free, while the more advanced version of Premium, in which
password management features have been added, costs $ 5 monthly. The developer
also offers applications for Android and iOS.


The name DoNotTrackMe underestimates its capabilities, since
this plug-in not only blocks ads and trackers, but also provides basic password
management and nickname (or “mask”) functions for e-mail addresses,
phone numbers and credit card numbers. The last two options are only in the
Premium version.

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Additional functions mean more complexity, and DNTM has the
coolest learning curve from the list of tools in the group. But it’s worth the


To begin with, you must register an account, even for such a
basic thing as accessing the status menu in the browser toolbar. After you do
this, you will be presented with four main options: Accounts (password manager
/ auto-login), Wallet (storing credit / debit card information), Masking
(creating personal information aliases) and Tracking (blocking trackers). This
latter function is obvious, but other functions require little scrutiny and,
probably, reading online help.


If all you want is blocking and tracking, DNTM works well
behind the scenes. Once you go to the Tracking zone, you will see a list of
blocked trackers for this site – with the ability to disable the blocking for
individual trackers and the entire site.


There is a link to the Tracking Dashboard, which opens in a
new tab and shows a graph with the total number of trackers blocked in the last
10 days. Interesting information, but it was worth integrating into the main
part, rather than demanding to visit a new tab.


DoNotTrackMe is a pretty good ad blocker and anti-tracking
system with some good add-ons, but there is an unnecessary complexity.
Nevertheless, the option of working with credit cards gives strong arguments
for a subscription to Premium.