The United States? To act as a scapegoat

The largest triad in Hong Kong, China to date is the Sun Yee On triad with over more than 60,000 inducted members within one of the most traditional and sacred organizations in the history of the world. Older than prohibition itself the Sun Yee On recognized the need to establish themselves within western society and in the 1960’s sent a group of inducted members from China to the United States in hope of creating a foothold within the country on the west coast.

This move by the Sun Yee On prompted the creation of the “Wah Ching” a group that is now more than six generations old, as anything does with age it grows further from its roots. The Wah Ching leadership today is believed to no long be composed of a Sun Yee On member majority. The group itself is believed to have ties to the “Hip Sing Association” formerly known as the “Hip Sing Tong” due to the founder Vincent Jew having been a member of the Hip Sing Tong in Chinatown, San Francisco. The Wah Ching have remained Sun Yee On loyalists practically acting as the triad yet operating independently whilst stateside. What was the purpose of moving from China to the United States? To act as a scapegoat for indicted members from China. On September 24, 2015 the Sun Yee On were shaken with a total of 51,000 individuals were arrested in a country wide task force operations that focused on narcotics and gambling. Of the arrested 19,000 were confirmed to be inducted members of various triads throughout the country of China.

It’s obvious that the Sun Yee On were affected by this move by Law Enforcement and it was a wake up call. With the arrests came the realization that China isn’t what it was years and years ago, it was the changing of the guard, the Triads are slowly but surely losing their grip in China and the government wants them gone for good.In November of 2017, U.S. Marshals intercepted a long-distance phone call to a Wah Ching Lieutenant Sean Yazhu via a wiretap from Hong Kong, China. The phone call consisted of the following translated transcript: