The used to move the drilling motor up

The project
work “automatic drilling machine” is mainly aimed to do the work of drilling
work at industry. The procedure is described in this  as per block wise.


The machine
is designed with a drilling motor, and the motor functions independently.
Drilling depth of the motor can be programmed through the PLC. The drilling
motor is moved in vertical direction through power feed technology designed with
universal motor. The universal motor used to move the drilling motor up &
down directions is aimed to pull down the drill motor while drilling the hole
over the job. Here some force is applied such that the machine can be able to
drill the hole over light metal work.

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The main
purpose of this machine is to control the drilling depth accurately; therefore
the control circuit should able to recognize the target entered through PLC.
Based on the data the controller can be programmed through PLC. Now the
controller can recognize the movement of mechanism by counting the pulses
internally. The entire vertical moving mechanism that contains drilling motor
is coupled with power feed motor can be called as   mechanism. Details about the components used
are given below.



The spindle grips the drill or cutting tools and rotates in
a fixed position in a cover.



The sleeve or quill assemblage does not revolve but may glide
in its bearing in a direction parallel to its axis. When the sleeve carrying
the spindle with a cutting tool is depressed, the cutting tool is fed into the
work: and when it’s progressed upward, the cutting tool is inhibited from the
work. Feed weight applied to the sleeve by hand or power causes the revolving
drill to cut its way into the work a fraction of an mm per revolution.



The column is cylinder-shaped in shape and built rough and
solid. The column supports the head and the sleeve or quill assembly.




The head of the drilling machine is collected of the sleeve,
a spindle, an electric motor and feed apparatus. The head is fastened to the



The worktable is reinforced on an arm on to the column. The
worktable can be attuned vertically to put up different heights of work or it
can be swayed completely out of the way. It may be tilted up to 90 degree in
either direction, to allow long pieces to be end or angle drilled.


The base of the drilling machine provisions the entire
machine and when fastened to the floor, delivers for vibration-free process and
best machining accurateness. The top of the base is like to the worktable and
may be furnished with t- slot for mounting work too larger for the table.



The hand- feed drilling machines are the modest and most mutual
type of drilling machines in use today. These are light duty machine that are functioned
by the operator, using a feed moved, so that the operator is able to “sense”
the action of the cutting tool as it cuts through the work piece. These
drilling machines can be bench or floor attached.




The control feed drilling machine are usually bigger and heftier
than the hand feed ones they are furnished with the capability to feed the
cutting tool in to the work mechanically, at predetermined deepness of cut per
revolution of the spindle these machines are used in preservation for intermediate
duty work or the work that uses bulky drills that need power feed larger work
pieces are usually fastened directly to the table or base using t –bolts and
clamps by a slight work places are held in a vise. A depth –stop mechanism is situated
on the head, near the spindle, to assistance in drilling to a detailed depth.


or Bench Drilling Machine


This kind of drill machine is used for very light
works. Fig.1 demonstrates the sketch of sensitive drilling machine.
The perpendicular column carries a spinning table the
height of which can be attuned rendering to the work piece stature.
The table can also be swayed to any wanted position.
At the top of the pillar there are two pulleys linked
by a belt, one pulley is attached on the motor shaft and other on the
machine spindle.
Vertical drive to the spindle is given by the feed knob
by the worker.
Worker minds the cutting action so delicate drilling
Drill holes from 1.5 to 15mm