The was full of violence, controversies, and progress.

first year of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte was full of violence, controversies,
and progress. Before he was elected the media was already full of news about
deaths in crime. And after he was elected the death rate of drug related incidents
and extra judicial killings have greatly increased in his first year. In which
he strongly support to kill all drug pushers and drug lords because he believes
that this people and drugs are the one’s destroying our country.

 What’s more his first year isn’t just about
drugs, extra judicial killings or deaths. It also has controversies, first is
the issue about Senator De Lima’s connection to different drug personnel’s and
the drugs in the Bilibid. Second, the issue about the extra judicial killings many
human rights groups are blaming the President about the alarming numbers of
deaths that believe to be part of EJK. Though this allegations are dreading it
is still not yet confirmed if it’s true. Last, the declaration of Martial Law
in Mindanao many people were triggered about his declaration for this reasons;
fear, self-interest, freedom, anger, and pressured.

his first year isn’t all just about those above, there was also a progress in
different sectors in the government and in the country. First is the cleansing
in the sectors of the government like, BOC, DOTC, LTO, and PNP. In fact many
people were relieved from their duties because they are believe corrupt. Second
the small progress in the problem to the traffic in manila. In which we can see
a hope to solve this problem in the coming years. Last is the decrease of drug
related crimes and users. Even though many died just to achieve this decrease
it is still one of the significant things that happen in first year of the

To sum
it all up, the first year of the President is not peaceful or promising as he
said before he was elected, I still believe that this is only the beginning to
the change he said, and even many people are questioning his erratic decisions.
I still trust his decision because I believe that he knows what his doing.
Furthermore even if the first year is a bit unsatisfactory, I can still see a
progress in his first year. In spite of the, things that happen in his first
year if I can scale him to 1-5 I will give the grade of 3 because his in the