The where information is presented in descending order

The structure of both news are
inverted pyramid where information is presented in descending order according
to the importance of the details (Roberts, 2016). In the first paragraph, it usually consists
of 5W and 1H. In the first paragraph of both news, it is identified who is
involved and what is the incident about. The following paragraph will provide
more in-depth of the issue. For the point of view, both the writers for both
news remain neutral as the article content did not show any bias towards any
sides. The plot of reporting for The Star has introduction, conflict, climax,
closure and conclusion (Kautzer, 2016). Meanwhile, the plot of reporting of
The Sun has only introduction and conflict. Even though the story of The Star
has a proper plotting than The Sun, the story of The Sun provides more details
and information for the readers. Therefore, we would suggest that the story
should have more information. This is because when readers read the story they
would not care about the plotting, they are prefer to read a story that
contains sufficient details.

Next, the language used The Star is British English as
the word ‘centre’ is come from British and the spelling is different from
American English (Oxford Univeristy Press, 2017). The grammar used in
The Star article contains past and present perfect tense. Most of the article
content used past tense as the incident had already happened. Words like
‘confused’, ‘appeared’, ‘walked’, ‘wore’, ‘maintained’, ‘followed’, ‘gathered’,
‘barred’, ‘granted’ and ‘cordoned’ are example of combining past tense – were
and was in the story. Moreover, present prefect tense is used in the story too.
For instant in the lead paragraph, ‘have captured’ is used. There are also
malay language used in the story. The word ‘baju kurung’ was appeared in the
story as there are no English term for it. As for the grammar used in The Sun
are past and past prefect tense. Past tense words – was and were are used to
combine words to form a sentence. Past perfect tense can be found in paragraph
11 which is ‘had found’. In addition, the headline of the story is also past
tense. Jargon are used in The Sun’s story. In the lead paragraph, a chemical
jargon was used which is VX, meaning is a nerve agent that able to take away

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Moreover, the headline story in the The Star – Accused
duo capturing the world’s attention. The headline is a descriptive headline. A
descriptive headline is that able to bring out the key points well and to
generate interest. The headline removes ambiguity as it evoke the reader’s
interest by highlighting facts that uses familiar words (Saxena, 2006). Its headline is smaller in font size
compared to The Sun. Meanwhile, the headline of the story in The Sun – ‘Death
was due to nerve agent’. The headline is a quote as headline. This is because
the headline consists of quotation marks from the beginning until the end of
the headline. The headline brings out emotions as the word ‘Death’ gives the
feeling of terrified and ‘nerve agent’ that gives the feeling of something is
dangerous or harm.

The lead in the story of The Star is
delayed lead. A delayed lead is the identity of the person, place or event is
central to the story is delayed to the following paragraphs. It does not
provide all the important in the beginning (Bucks Journalism, 2012). In the lead, it
describes two women but it did not identify their names. As for the lead in The
Sun, it is a summary lead. The lead has sum up the overall story where the
readers get most of the details of the issue. This is because the lead has stated
the cause to the death of the victim which had given most of the important
facts to the readers who keen to know.

In The Star, there are no sources and
date cited in the story. Also, no quotation can be found in the content. As for
The Sun, there are sources and quotation in the story content. Sources are from
credible person such as doctor and police officer. For example, Dr Mohd Shah
Mahmood, Dr Nurliza Abdullah, Dr Nor Ashikin Othman and Dr Nik Mohd Adzrul
Ariff Raja Azlan.

Compared with both news from
different publications, different publications has their own house styles. the
lead paragraph of both news where first starts off with the place are different
in terms of type font. The Star uses serif typed font while The Sun uses san
serif typed font for the lead paragraph. It is different in terms of the
boldness of headline. The Sun has a bolder headline than The Star. There is
byline for The Sun but not for The Star. The story published in The Star did
not provide the information of the writer. For the date format, The Star has
its format sequence of date, month, year, such as 3 OCTOBER 2017. Meanwhile,
the date format of The Sun is month, date, year such as OCTOBER 4, 2017.

In a nutshell, a good news story compromises
all the areas of news writing. However, it is seldom to see a good write-up of
the story. Hence, a writer needs to be well-versed of what should put and
should not put in writing a news.