The Wild Geese

A few days after the incident at the pond I began packing for the journey ahead to Germany. I knew I wanted to leave, but a part of me didn’t want to leave just yet. This troubled me initially, well at least until I decided to walk past that particular house. The ship left later that day at 7 pm to Singapore. It would be a few weeks travel, I couldn’t remember. From there I would take another ship to Cairo, Egypt. That would take much longer of a journey, a few months actually. From there I would travel to Al Iskandariyah, where I would take another ship to Genova, Italy.

Finally, I would travel north until reaching Germany. By the time I was finished packing I realized it was 2 pm. I knew I would need some entertainment for the long journey ahead. Therefore, I decided to go into town to browse for any such item that suited my tastes. For the next few hours I would be simply walking around and nothing had caught my attention. I had been wondering if I should walk by that house one last time, I thought that she might be by that window, waiting for me to walk by. I decided to walk by the house.

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When I finally confronted the house I scanned the exterior, wondering if she would be there, waiting for me. She was nowhere to be seen, not even the simplest sign of life. Part of me was deeply saddened, another extremely content. I reasoned that it was probably a sign of closure, that it was done, that I could finally close that door and move on. I bowed once more and took my hat off. I proceeded immediately to the dorms where my bags awaited. When I arrived at the dorms I said goodbye to everyone, took my bags, and departed for the harbor.

The ship was quite massive; it had to be since it would travel for several weeks. I gave my ticket to the ferryman and proceeded to cabin #203, my cabin. The room had a distinctive look about it, funnily enough it reminded me of my dorm room, old, smelt funny, and the bed looked strange. It was almost the same in the every way, with the exception of the fact that the walls were metallic, so artificial. The boat departed shortly afterwards, at about 7:30 pm. I unpacked my things and decided to take a walk around the boat. I walked around the living quarters for a while, hoping to find something interesting to look at.

Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary, so I went outside. I walked to the front of the ship and sat there on a bench. It was amazing to think that I was actually leaving Japan for an entirely different world. One I had never actually seen before. The sun was setting on the horizon. The sun was guiding me to my destination, to a new beginning. I sat there for an about an hour when it started getting cold and I was getting hungry. So I went to the eating quarters to eat something. I browsed the menu to find something that might fit my tastes. I was quite hungry so I decided to get the kaiseki meal.

It consisted of miso soup and three other side dishes. I chose rice, chicken and some vegetables to go with my miso soup. I ate my fill and went to my cabin. It had been a long day and I was extremely tired. So I went to sleep at about 9 pm. The next few weeks consisted of a similar routine that I will not divulge in. On the morning of the day we arrived in Singapore I ate breakfast, had a bath, packed my things and went outside to have a look at the new city I was soon to be in. It was quite a sight; it looked nothing like Japan, an entirely different world.

I was quite excited, I wanted to go everywhere in the city but the connection boat was leaving the next day so I wouldni?? t be able to. When we docked it was amazing to be on land again, it felt forever since the last time I was on land. I traveled to the motel I would be staying at and unpacked my things. I immediately left the premises and began walking around. The buildings were so different, I was so excited. I scanned the area and something had caught my attention. There was an immense decorative sign above an even larger gate. My malay was extremely basic but I could make out the sign.

It read “Singapore Botanic Gardens”. This was the place I would go to. I entered the gardens and walked around. I followed a sign that had “Symphony Lake” written on it. I was amazed at the sight of it. The lake was beautiful, lily pads covered the surface. The local vegetation had surrounded the lake; it was truly an amazing sight. Strangely, the lake had reminded me so much of the lake in Japan, where I killed that goose. Fate had guided me to that lake, perhaps to remind me of home. I stood there for hours staring at the endless abyss which was the lake.

Eventually, something caught my attention, in the corner of my eye I saw a flock of geese coming into the lake. I actually began freaking out and left the sanctuary immediately. I had no idea what had actually happened. Apparently, there actually weren’t any geese, it was my imagination. I figured that it was probably just my mindi?? s way of playing tricks on me since I was getting bored. I then left the gardens and went back to the motel. I had something to eat and slept the rest of the day. That is enough for this part of my story, perhaps I will tell you more later.