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 The War of Roses was a battle with the Lancaster’s and the York’s. The two armies went through multiple battles trying to claim the throne, because of the tension they had against each other. Both sides gained and loss power multiple of times. “Richard, Duke of York nearly unseated the Lancastrian King Henry VI in 1460, only to be killed in battle a few months later.”(Andrews) It ended being a really bloody battle between the Lancasters and the Yorks. “Despite dragging on for more than 30 years, the War of the Roses only amounted to a few months of actual fighting and less than 20 significant battles.”(Andrews) The war led to the British history disappearing. Everyone was wondering why the war started because there was just a random act of tension between each side, which caused the war of   the roses. “Most causes were also because of the weakness of their monarchy and their independent ability.”(Andrews) “The Wars of the Roses might never have happened if not for the tenuous state of English politics in the 1450s.”(Andrews) The aftermath of the War of the Roses was that the Yorks end up getting defeated and Lancasters lose a lot to. “Henry defeats the Yorkist forces, Richard is killed, and Henry ushers in the rule of the house of Tudor effectively ending the Wars of the Roses. Henry VII spends the next two years wiping out any other claimants to the throne.”(Andrews) Don’t you want to come down to our theater and be able to relax and watch plays being performed by the top best performers. Our theater is located in London and has a lot of open seats for you to enjoy a show. Most of our plays consist  from Shakespeare and other London performers. Our theater has a huge stage that can be seen from all of our seats all around from the globe. We designed the Globe to be a Circular shape.   “T  he concept of building a scaffold with three levels of galleries surrounding a circular yard mimicked the arrangement for audiences of existing bear baiting and bull baiting houses.”(Gurr) Our theater also has wide walls for much room for everyone. “The old Theatre was a 20-sided structure, as near to a circle as Elizabethan carpentry could make it. It stood more than 30 feet (9 metres) high, with three levels of seating in its galleries.”(Gurr) We are hoping that everyone that shows up will enjoy our plays and the space that they get from our building.