The Works’ (figure 1). Varieties of precedent study

The aim of this illustrated account is to explore the
relevance of light within architecture and how these fundamentals come together
to create an impact on human emotions since, a good human satisfaction is what truly
makes a great living space. My focus is to Interrogate how theories and
principles of light within space has developed and became so vital for an
architecture design and, in what way it has influenced my semester one project
‘Re Use Canvas Works’ (figure 1). Varieties of precedent study of illustrations
and analysis will be presented and discussed in-order for me conclude and reflect
on whether the use of light in architecture has really encouraged today’s architects
to create a space.



During the day, the principle source of light is primarily provided
by the sun, the natural light constantly follows the daily routine while
hitting each individual window of a building, illuminating the interior space
for a short period of time. It forms a visual delusion for users inside where
the light suddenly appears along with the moving penetrations forming an
impression as if the space is authentically breathing. Correspondingly, after
dawn the artificial lighting is used with an advantage of electricity. It is therefore,
a fact that light is an important element that perfumes a significant role in keeping
a space approachable to human contentment whether it’s natural day light or

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Throughout the process of the building, the true character
of the internal and external space is defined by the use of lighting. It with
greater reveals a true character of a space while giving it a soul and,
allowing it to breathe. A powerful tool which helps the architects to point out
specific aspects of a space. It in addition allows the user to comprehend whether
the atmosphere is aggressive or composed. This is truly achieved by the
positioning of lighting in which it either reveals a complex geometry with
violent striking lights. or a gentle flow of   across
the space. The purpose of a successful architecture is to deliver a space that
allows the user feel comfortable, perhaps it’s through light where our visuals
are interpreted to our mind allowing our brain to create particular emotions
which then allows a person to think and reflect upon it..