The } written constitutions are not created by

  The United Kingdom  has  an uncodified constitution comprising several sources, some people  say they should be codified and some others support that it should not be changed and stay the same.Firstly lets see  what is a constitution? In short Constitution is the fundamental law upon which the formation of the entire legislation of a country is based on the rights and obligations of the citizen, the organisation and basic rules of state and institution operation.The constitution can be elaborated and approved by a constitutional assembly (a delegation of the people) or a sum of laws or other provisions that over time have become fundamental.

  Present constitutions tend to be writen files as mentioned by Adam Tomkins in Public law,{Oliver ,1992  } written constitutions are not created by accident.They are results of  the product of revolutions, independence, {7 },together with revolutions,  unification or dissolution of a country,or a way of modernising the country{8}.Countries in the international with out a codified constitution are Israel ,United Kingdom , New Zealand and Canada A constitution does not necessary should be democratic, within the current experience of the word totalitarian states like Belarus  North Korea, or Saudi Arabia{2} have a constitution or a hard and fast of basic laws which underpin their governance,It can not always be considered as an agent or defender of democracy.   The debate over the codification of the British constitution has gone through many levels in the last thirty years  {Oliver ,1992  As an  uncodified constitution, the United Kingdom Constitution is particularly flexible and can easily evolve and adapt to changing seasons and situations. Modern times require changing laws to adapt to the trends of perceptions and philosophy of people.All that is required is for Parliament to recognize the need for change and therefore continue to make modifications In consequence, it is observed that the traditional laws in the British constitution do not prevent the progress but, on the contrary, being in changes so that they are aligned with altered situations. This characteristic it is a stabilisation and considering that exist democratic processes and that so much the juridicial body what the parliament are there in order to they protect the constitution, then he is better adapted he reflects a continuously altered world.

Contrary to the unwritten constitution, the written constitution is rather inflexible and seated difficult to modification,Actually, a glance in a such constitutional model, reveals the inaction the effort of change of laws. Apart from this flexibility, the unwritten constitution seated the conventions and the juridicial crises particularly sensitive in the social changes. The juridicial judges in their decisions it is in position to be puzzled for the changes as they happen in the particular periods, allowing in the juridicial system to extend itself freely