Theodore society directly or indirectly, at the end

Theodore Dalrymple the
Author, shows many examples to highlight how the evil is growing in the
world.  He was a doctor as a profession
and then retired. As a writer, he shared some of his valuable experiences to
his readers which enlighten the roots of evil and its remarks in a family,
society, nation and the world as a whole. Along with doctor profession, the
author also used to work in the jail, where he witnesses and collect
information about the prisoner and their way of living. It was a myth saying
that once the prisoners were all set off to be free they can pay off their
depth. Whereas the main point of this article is that whenever someone violent
the rule of society or participate in an activity where it harms the society
directly or indirectly, at the end of the day they can’t forgive themselves on
doing those acts. Also, they promise to build up the better society which is
full of love and harmony.

While analyzing the
article I found the statement feels very relevant to me as I was also being in
the same situation. As Dalrymple said “My work has caused me to become perhaps
unhealthily preoccupied with the problem of evil. Why do people commit evil?
What conditions allow it to flourish? How is it best prevented and, when
necessary, suppressed? Each time I listen to a patient recounting the cruelty
to which he or she has been subjected, or has committed (and I have listened to
several such patients every day for 14 years), these questions revolve
endlessly in my mind”. This phrase describes himself as he seems as a prisoner
doing some crime with a mind full of criminal thoughts.

Today world is growing
up. Everyone wants to be top without caring for others. We, human, became so
selfish that no one cares about what other thinks they only want money and success.
Dalrymple question people of being rude to evil perspective. So, for the
unfulfillment of wants and desires, with a cruel mind, people thinking became
negative. Violent activities like kidnapping, murdering, rapes and other
activities are rising. Referring to the criminal history, most of the crimes
are done without specific reason but done with the evil mind.

Criminal thoughts, evil
perspective doesn’t relate to any age group or community. They might be a child
as well as old aged people or might be handicapped. Looks and the age don’t
matter on these kinds of activities. Whereas, the term evil was insisted at
home. When people live together under the same roof there is obvious that
dispute between family member.  All
people live in a family, society, in the same place they misbehave, and people
started to misbehave and disrespect them. We all aware of Paris attack, random
shooting in public places, and much more which took many innocent lives. These
are the examples of criminal minded people who heart is full of crudity and

Dalrymple adds that
people with negative thoughts roam the streets recklessly, kidnapping, robbery
is increasing daily. Also, he adds up that the rate of violence is increasing
tremendously in the UK. People fells insecure even to go outside of their house
or even to walk on the street. Somehow people fell debride of their happiness
due to those people. More often people set a boundary for themselves and create
restriction because the peoples don’t feel free. The writer has experienced
many ups and down as he traveled all over the world and he pours his idea in
this article. He felt many negative vibes when he was exploring. While going
through the article I found in many places author looks emotional. He pleads
with all his reader that not to misbehave, not to hurt other emotion, not to
involve in criminal action anywhere. Especially, in front of young generation
because they capture quick and as they are future of our world, we can’t lead
them in the criminal world.

Today’s world is all
about freedom example people raise children. In this freedom, people are
creating more harm than a good deed. People still involves children in a
situation which is not good and would not be a suitable for a child. “Thus,
people have a right to bring forth children any way the like, and the children,
of course, have the right not to be deprived of anything, at least anything
material”. This type of situation gives a negative attitude to the children and
create an unreliable situation.

The case given all
through this choice of paper analyze a community burden, what Dalrymple calls
the height of disregarding delight for oneself the long-haul wretchedness of
others to whom one owes an obligation. The author explains a part where he has
the discussion with men who have surrendered their kids for their own specific
accommodation, realizing that they are judgmental about the mother and the
youngsters to lives of severity, destitution, misuse, and misery, again they
are repeating same act again and again.

 We are human we make a mistake knowing or
unknowingly. But if those mistakes are repetitive then it is not considered a
mistake anymore. If the work someone is doing and making the same mistake a
lot, it may represent that the person never truly loves what he is doing. Every
person has their own perspective. I think that this type of evil or cruelty is
more predominant than it was even though, obviously, there is same old thing
new under the sun. One’s free will can be another burden so, every person is
different and equally important. Media now a day plays a vital role regarding
the situation, it drags us in one point and tell us how we should react or fell
about the certain situation. Also, at a point, I felt that the author hasn’t
written about a specific race. No, any subject is particularly pointed to one
type of race. Race or cultural difference doesn’t mean anything which is nice
as we all are equal. No hard feeling towards anyone. But people cannot be
satisfied with their life, which mislead to the misdeed. When a mistake is
realized and try to resolve it people can actually live a better life.