There made. There was so much new technology

There were multiple factors that led to the Industrial Revolution including, Industrial Production, Agricultural Production, Iron Smelting, Coal Extraction, The Railways and Steam Power. The industrial production had machines powered by water. The machines helped make goods grow quicker for the growing population. People then used the railroads to go to work. The Agricultural Production had fertilisers and crop rotation systems.  Iron Smelting increased the population of iron. Coal Extraction people invented a new type of safety helmet with a light to help cole minors to work longer without living in fear. The Railways were built to improve the transport network. Steam Power produced effective steam engines that was powered by coal. These are all factors that led to the Industrial Revolution. Most people ended up leaving where they were from to move towns and cities where manufacturing centers were found. A lot of the goods and services dramatically increased. Not only that but the cotton industry becomes the largest single employer of industrial labour, and cotton cloth became most popular with Britain’s trade. Profit was also used to invest further innovations and inventions. Production also shifted instead of working in a small home they went to small factories. The Industrial revolution increased the material wealth. The environment changed and the West became an urban civilization. Even schools began to replace the traditional ideas of Western civilization. Agricultural revolution increased food supply but at the same time made it where less people were working. Which made it hard because they need the workers. What they were trying to do was to produce enough food to prevent famine. Poor harvests would lower the supply of food which made the prices rise up. Which made the aristocratic class wealthy but the peasants either dead or starved. There were child labor laws to end abuses. Which made it easier for children to live and not live in fear of dying. They also had reformers urging equal distribution of wealth. So some people aren’t getting more money than others that they didn’t deserve.  The trade unions were formed. There was social reform movements. The reform bills in Parliament and Congress happened as well. These are some of the political effects that happened in the industrial revolution. The Industrial Revolution happened during post Civil war to the late 1920’s. It was a time where there were great changes made. There was so much new technology that stocks grew. The companies had to gather a large amount of money for their factories, railroads and telephone lines. To get that money they sold stocks. That means those people now own a part of that company.