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There are several important issues in the profession of nursing today. I’m going to discuss three of the most important ones I believe are major issues nurses face. Within the profession there are issues with short staffing. This issue can lead to nurse burnout; because of unit organization or inequitable assignments nurses tend toleave hospital jobs. Workplace violence is another issue in nursing today; the violence can come from a patient or coworkers themselves. This can lead to nurses being bullied by other nurses or patients.  Another major issue with nursing today is compensation; depending on what region the nurse finds a job plays a role on how they will be paid. Gender; males get paid more than female nurses, and needless to say the amount of work that is done by a nurse is not at all compensated with pay. ?Short staffing is an issue of both professional and individual concern for nurses today. Short staffing is one of the most common reasons why nurses experience burnout.Nursing in itself is a stressful job and not having staff to rotate and work with one another can make a nurse feel overwhelmed and frustrated.  Without enough staff the nurse cannot take a break and this takes a toll on the nurse and her health. This can also lead to mistakes made with medication and charting. ?Based on the article Nursing staffs’ emotional well-being and caring behaviors; Burnout and psychological distress levels have been found to be high in National Health Service nursing staff and furthermore this emotional distress has been found to affect patient care. In a National Health Service striving to provide high-quality patient-centered care, it is essential that factors affecting nursing staffs’ well-being and their caring behaviors are examined.(Navtej Chana BSc, MSc, Paul Kennedy MSc, FBPsS, DPhil, CPsychol, Zoë J Chessell MSc, DPhil, FBPsS, 2015)?Nurses are often obligated to work long hours. It can be because of the hospitals being short-staffed or trying to manage cutting costs. However; whatever the reason, nurses, working longer than they’re supposed to, is harmful. It can affect the quality of care they give to their patients, and can also put their health at risk. While in clinical and watching the nurses and other staff members I realized the importance of having enough staff to have a unit function properly. I also saw the toll it takes on nurses and how they developed issues such as chronic back pain, legs and shoulder pain.  ?The research article I read did a cross-sectional correlation-based survey a sample of 102 nursing staff from an Acute National Health Service. The results were as follow: Demographics were not found to relate with nursing staffs’ burnout, psychological distress or caring behaviors. Work stressors, coping strategies and self-efficacy were found to be connected with nursing staffs’ burnout and psychological distress. Caring behaviors were also connected with coping strategies and self-efficacy.Importantly, relationships were found between caring behaviors and nursing staffs’ burnout and psychological distress. (Navtej Chana BSc, MSc, Paul Kennedy MSc, FBPsS, DPhil, CPsychol, Zoë J Chessell MSc, DPhil, FBPsS, 2015).?Here is were I think nurses Should Be Full Partners, with Physicians and Other Health Professionals, in Redesigning Health Care in the United States. Based on the The Future of Nursing:  Leading Change, Advancing Health IOM report nurses are a key component in helping implement a plan for change within a facility. ? ?