There the sheep, who are incapable of defending

There are three types of people in the world, sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. Oblivious sheep carry on their lives, and follow a similar routine day to day. Wolves use aggression, force and hostile ideals to attack the sheep, who are incapable of defending themselves. Chris Kyle, from a young age was raised as a sheepdog, a protector of innocent sheep from the belligerent wolves of the world. A question rises, what decides which people are sheep, wolves or sheepdogs?    Born and raised in Texas, since a very young age he was in the woods hunting animals with his father. Even though hunting promotes violence, it provided the basic fundamentals that Chris will ultimately build his legacy on, and it taught him to be respectful. A sportsman has morals, only taking deadly clean shots, so no one suffers before death.”One shot, one kill,” a sniper’s ritual. In order to make money, Chris became a bronco rider. Known for ‘breaking’ broncos, he was one of the top riders in his state. If you thought the rodeo life was easy, you are wrong. Kyle is tough as steel, uncountable concussions and a disturbing amount of broken bones come with the game.Since Kyle was little he always wanted to join the military. At age 30, his second attempt to join BUDS, he finally makes it happen. He is now a navy seal. Considered to be to old for the program, his body was put through the most physically and mental challenges known to man. A Navy Seal practices being stealth and constantly pushing their bodies beyond anything considered normal. Dry land or in the ocean, the team works as one. Attaining the title of a navy seal is not all fun and games. The intense program has a “no cut policy,” the only way to get out of the program is to quit. He graduated the Navy Seal training program in 1999, he was one out of the 10% of the whole class to actually complete BUDS. Chris Kyle was the top sniper for our country for ten years. A hero simply for his dedication and service to our country. During the Iraq War, on his last tour  he was honored for his bravery and top notch military skills. He has been declared the Most Lethal Sniper in US Military History, his longest confirmed kill being just over 2,000 yards. Kyle’s career has been both disliked and praised by modern media, however, no argument can dispute his significance for our country, with over 160 confirmed kills. In the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi, he elimited so many soldiers that they signaled him out, placing a $20,000 reward for the death of the “Devil of Ramadi”. A strong, humble man, Kyle only expresses regret, not accomplishment, because he regrets those he was not able to protect. Chris Kyle was killed at a shooting range by a former marine.