There war by the Confederates, both the South

There are many causes of the Civil War mentioned far beyond just slavery, but the biggest reason the Civil War started was due to slavery itself. To the idea of the southern states it was easily the most important reason. Without the idea of abolition haunting the southern states, none of the other causes would have been nearly important enough to break out in an all out war against the North. Abe Lincoln won the election of 1860, the south was easily alerted by this. For few states had threatened to secede if he won the election. The threat was carried through almost as soon as Lincoln was elected. We all know South Carolina was the first state to do so. Other states, only southern states, soon followed after. They proceeded to call themselves the Confederates. According to my readings, Hinton R. Helper says ” Nothing short of the complete abolition of slavery can save the South from falling into the vortex of utter ruin.(59).” This showed how the North strongly believed that slavery was tearing up the South. The South disagreed, for this started the two sided war.Then all hell broke loose, the  Civil War began with a confederate win at Fort Sumter, which was in South Carolina but still armed by the North at the time. Page 113, John Sherman states that “Secession means war.” After this first act of war by the Confederates, both the South and the North began prepping their armies. The Civil War to both sides was considered to be all off strategic battle plans, for the playing fields were pretty much equal.For the first time in world history both armies began to use new tactics rather than standing and taking turns firing back at one another. The largest armies consisted of over 100,000 men according to William Dudley, the author. Artillery and Cavalry took a big role on both sides of the field. Battles ranged from the surprise attacks at Chancellorsville to the long raging battles of Vicksburg. Many men died, this disappointed Lincoln enough to work out a proclamation. Both sides tried the most basic strategies to begin with. The South was more aggressive at this time compared to the North. Lincoln in the North tried to negotiate with Southern Generals, but nothing seemed to change there mind.The Union put George McClellan in charge of the biggest/main army. During McClellan’s first mission he got his army within a few miles of Richmond, but was soon to find out he was to be defeated in battle by Robert E. Lee one of the most known Southern Generals today. and turned back. McClellan’s army seemed to lose hope for it was a big victory for the South.While all this was taking place, in the west, a general named Ulysses Grant, also a well known general today,  was advancing southward trying to takeover most of Tennessee. The Confederates tried extremely hard to push his army back but could not come to do it and failed. By the end of the first year of the war the North occupied more states than the South.South continued to push up toward the east and win battles.  After Gettysburg, things took a change in momentum. The confederates attempted another invasion to the north. This time they found themselves farther up than there first attempt.In the meantime, the Union under General Grant took Vicksburg, a big win for the North. Was an eye opener for the South. After several other Union generals had failed to counter Lee’s push, Abraham Lincoln appointed  Grant, General Grant to command the biggest army in Washington to push back against the biggest threat to the North ever having a chance of losing the Civil war. Grant figured Lee did not do well under pressure so he decided to hit em hard. He also hoped to surround/corner them, but he never was successful in that, he took over 50,000 casualties. Eventually the North cornered the Confederate army in at Petersburg, Virginia. A major victory for the North! The Confederates were unable to retreat. Therefore the North took a solid win and a majority capturing of the South’s biggest army. Soon after this loss, Confederate General John Bell Hood attempted to attack Tennessee, with the idea of using his army to distract  Sherman’s much bigger army. However, the Union had so many troops that they were able to stop em in their tracks so they split the march. By the end of the second year Sherman’s army was moving into the South untouched. Why all this was happening the South (lee’s army) was still holding up though they were surrounded on almost three sides. However, he could not retreat without sacrificing Richmond). Both sides prepared for Lee to fight to the death before he was ever to surrender. Aware of their massive artillery advantage. , the Union army kept stretching the lines out further and further, making the South’s defense non existent. There were many tiny battles. But no major wins or losses.In April Lee surprisingly and finally retreated because his weakened army was in no shape to last out longer, and staying in place would ensure the end! His last hope was to retreat. Everything gone perfectly,until that point. Lee fell back and combined with other generals for one last hard push. those two armies combined would be as large as Sherman’s army, and they might have an actual chance to attack and defeat that army before Grant’s army could join the action. The plan was extremely risky, and the North was more than capable to contain Lee’s army. On April 9, Lee lost the war for the entire South. Less than one week after Lee’s surrender, Abraham Lincoln was killed by an assassin . This complicated the organization for the torn apart Country. But the 13 amendment was passed and Slavery was no more. In conclusion, the Civil war was a must in order to keep the united States together as it is today. Without this war we could be half of what America is today. Slavery is no more thanks to this war!