There with tribes (which may be called community)

are a lot of academical and linguistic explanations about word refugee but
basically, a refugee is a person who has
been forced to cross national borders and who cant return home safely. The
idea that people who migrate to other lands are not getting harmed in any
aspect (tourist, merchants, refugees) is based on the ancient Greeks and the
Egyptians. Most primitive migration movements and asylum cases (present sense) occurred
with tribes (which may be called community) in the year 2000 BC. Of course,
it’s not fair to compare these refugee movements with todays. Because today’s migrations
are much larger. At the same time there are full of political and economic
obstacles. But there were similarities as well as differences in the basic
sense. Even in that time. Local people prejudiced against the refugees who
migrated from another country. They excluded them. Because in their aspect
refugees were generally considered unwanted people in their country. They think
refugees are uncivilized. The basis of these behaviors is fear of being from
their own country and share their hard-won gainings. Primitive migration movements continued tribal and individual as we
explained towards at the end of the 2’nd century. However, in the middle of the
3’rd century the closest mass migration that todays aspect started. Great
Migration or Migration Period is a large scaled migration to Europe between 350
and 800 years. It is divided into the first period and the second period. The
migration of the second period tribes is the continuation of the migration of
the first period tribes. Immigration from the first period tribes covers
extensive border changes between the Roman Empire and the Huns. The main reason
was get rid of the dominance of the Chinese state in Central Asia As seen in
these examples the reasons for migration are usually due to the same reasons. With
the Treaty of Westphalia signed in 1648 after 30 years of war, the first steps
of the contemporary modern states were taken. Countries with a more
understanding, non-prejudiced international perspective were established. With
the establishment of these new modern states, the foundations of today’s
refugee rights and understanding have been placed. By the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, nations recognized each other’s sovereignty
(The principle that a state should not confuse another state with its internal