There’s not an unstable Jenga game, ready to

There’s a Universe in which my happiness is not an unstable Jenga game, ready to tumble from the slightest movement. A Universe where I can surrender myself and welcome the endless possibilities with open arms. In that dimension, I have the balls to be as open as I want. I can jump onto the back of a motorcycle and ride and ride and ride, heading toward anywhere. I can watch the beautiful moon come and go, casting her shadows in black and white. I allow myself to be free. But there is a Universe where I choose differently, and I’m not that version of myself. In this Universe, my reality, I am made to be a rational and level-headed human being. Eventually, I am going to have to tether myself to an office job and an apartment lease while attempting to pay off my student loan debt. Isn’t that an exciting thing to know? So, hear me out. I recently stumbled across a theory called the Multiverse theory. In 1895, a philosopher named William James created a theory about the multiverse. His belief was that a hypothetical set of possible universes exist, and these alternate universes construct different realities of OUR universe. Are you understanding? It’s the idea of a reality that can include an infinite amount of parallel universes. Can you imagine? Some version of you living the way you always dreamed of — experiencing endless adventures and happiness. I think that’s why I love my impossible universe so much. It allows me to believe that somewhere out there I was able to make the other choice, the one that would have made me into a braver person than the one I became. I cannot speak for everyone else, but I have countless stories I wish to tell and write. I have an endless list of places I’d like to go, I have mountains that I hope to climb, I have my own fears that I need to overcome, I have wars that I need to fight regardless if I win or fall. The other-me, wild and fearless, could easily accomplish those goals in her universe, but the real-me does not live in that world. I live in this one, and the real-me is shy and cautious, desperate to break out of my shell. So, I’m choosing to become the better version of myself and nourishing this mindset when entering the next chapter of my life, college. It is my hope to discover existing colleges that hold a preference for students like myself who wish to evolve beyond their story origin and to further develop my strengths while tackling any weaknesses.In the parallel universe, the other-me became an astronomer. She wanted to study the moon, stars, planets, comets, and galaxies but was unsettled by the amount of math that was involved. As for me, I have a slight obsession with books. I love sinking into my bed while reading from my worn out books, taking new meanings from them, even though I’ve read them a hundred times. I love the weight of a book in my hands, and I love the feel of the pages under my fingers. I often use reading as a method to escape when facing hardships. When I was younger, books would accept me when others would not. It allowed me to relate to the stories of other people, connecting to a world that I may have never experienced before. I believe that reading has helped shaped me as a person and continues to influence my life to this day. Which is why I aspire to become a publishing attorney, because I would love the opportunity to work with a book publishing company and represent future authors.In this universe, you are reading this essay while at work from your desk. The thought of having your own universe excites you or upsets you. You are starting to wonder if, in some lifetime, you did it all better. It’s okay to wonder. I think most of us do.