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THESIS STATEMENT WRITINGMany students find it difficult to come up with the correct thesis statements for their essay. This has lead to them writing poor thesis projects that have had them not get the good grades. A thesis statement is the central argument of your essays. This is the backbone of any research project that student choose to undertake. Without it then zero work is what is being done. Thesis statement writing should be given key consideration before writing a thesis paper.Importance of thesis statements writingThese statements give a profound impact to the whole thesis research paper. Thesis statements must be written in a very concise and declarative manner. It should be highlighted in the introductory section. Ensure to not hide it rather make it very; open and clear. Thesis statement should make argument. It is the blueprint to the argument you will subsequently establish in your paper.What it does? A thesis statement writing greatly differs from the opinion statement in that a thesis statement tend s to convey to the reader that the claim being presented forth has meticulously explored and looked into and that is very dependable by the evidence that will be provided. Thesis statements tend to answer the question “what”the argument is and “why”the argument is the most persuasive.How it should beEvery thesis statement that is written should be specific as possible. It should only cover only what you will discuss in your paper and should be strictly backed up with specific and credible evidence. Furthermore, you should ensure that your thesis statement always appears at the end of the first paragraph of a paper and not anywhere else.As you continue with your writing, your ideas or view may change in between and therefore you should ensure to revise your thesis statement always so that it is in line with what you are writing.Determine what approach to use You can decide to either write an analytical paper or expository paper or even still and argumentative paper. Whichever approach you chose to use ensure to always state your thesis statement. This will go along way in giving your writing a proper and sound direction.Examples of Thesis statements writing The organizational structure that exists within the United Nations such as the agreement in the decisions of the Security Council makes it total incapable of preventing war between the major powers.The ability to purchase the radio advertising is very crucial for any candidate to win any elective seat because the radio reaches a large number of people and thus has the ability to dramatically increase recognition among the electorate.High school graduates should be required to take a compulsory year off so as to allow them take part in community service projects before entering college. This will help improve their level of maturity and general awareness.The life of a typical university student is mainly characterized by attending lectures, socializing with fellow students and peers, partying and studying