This environmentally friendly sustainable agriculture. The basic goal

This paper has examined variouseconomic benefits gained by using various agricultural policies and practicingcertain activities. In Gujarat, agricultural analysis is primarily apublic-funded activity and also the personal sector participation is proscribedto the input sector, together with seed, fertilizers and pesticides Uncertaintyin climate, un-conventional usage of fertilizers, soil degradation have causeddamage to the growth ratio of various crops compared to last few years.

Indian agriculture has undergonemany changes in terms of technology penetration and merchandisediversification, remodeling it from a subsistence activity to an ad one inseveral aspects. However, in recent years, the declining total issueproductivity growth, shrinking land and water resources, and global climatechange have started motility threats to its property and conjointly to thenational food and organic process security. Gujarat has created scope oftransforming the traditional agriculture, through proper resource utilizationand management, to an environmentally friendly sustainable agriculture. Thebasic goal of agricultural sector is to optimize yield with minimum input andreduced environmental pollution is highly required for development and sustain thechallenge of sustainability. In order to generate greater solutionsto the agricultural issues, there is a requirement to accelerate working anddevelop better management policies within the sector. However, within the wakeof fixing R&D policies, personal sector participation is increasing in theareas like biotechnology, hybrid seed, plant protection chemicals, farm machineryand animal healthcare. Some of the scenarios require thatnew technologies be developed while others can be achieved through modificationin management policies or governmental procedures.

All of these changes requirethat economic benefits accrue to farmers to provide them with incentives forusing different technologies and beneficial methods, and for using themeffectively. Economic and scientific aid will be required from international agenciesas well as national governmental agencies in order to assure that any changesmade are sound, adapted to local conditions, and environmentally safe.