This factors like population and architecture, affect the

This essay will explain how the two huge factors like population
and architecture, affect the urban planning of the cities of the tomorrow, and
explain the rate of this change comparing big cities and small cities.  It
will also explain the effect of the technology in the organization and the
transformation of the cities.


First of all, urban planning is connected equally with
architecture and population. Talking about the population, by the middle of the
century, the share of urban dwellers is projected to achieve for about 9.7
billion people. To accommodate all of the humanity, cities will have to get
creative. So, what would a future city be like? What would be its objective?
Planning is a very important concept that takes into account various factors of
growth. The process does not only look at what exists currently, but also
issues that lead us to the tomorrow.

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In addition, these changes will differ from the small towns to
the big ones, and we can say that the big ones are in a big danger, since the
small ones are more connected with nature. For instance, if you live in a big
city, if you want to go somewhere it will take hours of driving, because of
traffic, buildings etc. Differently, in most small towns it’s only a short drive
before you are free from any people and can enjoy mountains, streams and lakes.
This access to nature not only allows for recreation but also provides an
escape from the stresses of life. In my rural hometown during exam time or even
just a regular afternoon, I would leave the city to go for a walk in the hills
not far from my home. The relationship with nature is a huge value add to many
who live in a small town. 



On the other hand, with the revolution of the technology, our
world may also look like the nowadays fictional movies. The roads may
disappear, since we will have flying cars. If the cities of the past were designed
by people, the cities of the future are likely to be designed by ideas, and
there are a lot of rival ones about how such a revolutionary urban space should
look. Technology is becoming part of everything. If nowadays we have
smartphones, it wouldn’t be a surprise that tomorrow we will have ‘smart


To sum up, no-one really knows what the future holds, but the
reality now is that our urban spaces are overcrowded and polluted. We don’t
know the way that the evolution will take; the technology one, or the crowded
overpopulated one. But one thing is for sure, that things will change and let’s
make this change a good one, since we are the architects of our own future.