This females and males deserve a full-time education

This is a newspaper article from the time of the famine. This famine took the lives of almost one million people which explains the title; “A catastrophe in the making”. By the end of the year in 1984, roughly 8 million people were in danger from lack of food, as of  SOLUTIONS:  One solution to the issues I decided upon, is to provide better education, especially to girls and women. Some of the women are so uneducated in Ethiopia, that they fear doctors and treatment. Many young girls stay home to help their mothers with travelling to find clean water. This takes away from the potential of the young girl who could grow up and end her families’ cycle of poverty, by getting a higher paying job. And moving to another country or even just moving to one of the very few Urban areas that are around Addis Ababa-the capital city of Ethiopia. Both females and males deserve a full-time education in Ethiopia. When these girls and boys learn how to do simple tasks such as reading and writing, they are establishing a base that they can build off of. They can provide a better future for their families, when they are provided with a better education. This can also reduce malnutrition and poor health because if one family member gets a proper paying job they can afford to grow food and purchase food for their families resulting in a decrease in malnutrition. When females understand that doctors and treatment are helpful they could get assistance when their families are ill. They could even train to become one of the very few doctors in Ethiopia themselves, which will cut back on the limited number of doctors. Another solution to the issues I presented would be to raise the minimum wage in Ethiopia. Raising the minimum wage could increase the health of people in Ethiopia, because they could afford treatment, food, clean water and perhaps a more habitable place they can live in. If there is ever a drought or a famine people wouldn’t have to starve because they could solve the issue by purchasing food even when the prices soar. They could afford filtration for their water and reliable shelter to call home.  What we can do: The way we can help with this, is holding fundraisers and spreading awareness about these issues because often times, we live our lives in our own little bubble. All of the issues going on elsewhere are outside of the bubble, irrelevant to us because we aren’t experiencing them. We need to pop this bubble and take into consideration that there are people our age, struggling to find enough food to eat every day and here we are, wasting food and water like its nothing. We should do what Jesus would’ve done, which is helping in any way possible. Every dollar makes a difference and if we join together and include other schools too, we could help give deserving children a better education and adults a higher minimum wage in Ethiopia. The citizens of Ethiopia are children of God too and they deserve to be treated with kindness just like we do.