This Grey as merely a pawn in the

This is a tragic
historical book that talks about the diary of Lady Jane Grey who became a queen
of England for only nine days. She was the cousin of King Edward and the niece
of King Henry VIII. The writer wrote it in a diary style adding more suspense.
In this assignment, I would cover the summary of Lady Jane Grey, the six themes
that I discovered from the book and my reflection essay towards the book. The
book was written by Sue Reid and was published on 7 June 2012. The author wants
to portray Lady Jane Grey as merely a pawn in the hands of powerful man but she
turned the table as she was an intelligence and a very strong faith girl. Cook
feels that Lady Jane’s received an unfair treatment in history and was given
too little credit. We must first understand the dark period of British history
to understand her background and herself. This woman has a very strong faith
with her religion and it is incredible, that one so young could know so much.


A – Synopsis

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The story tells about a fifteen
years old girl name Lady Jane Grey who was one of the famous hidden historical
figure in British history and revolve around her tragic fate which she became
the Queen of England for only nine days in July 1553. She is a young girl of
nine who is living with her parents, the Duke and Duchess Suffolk. Jane also
had two younger sisters, Catherine and Mary. She is a very hardworking girl and
she loves books and knowledge more than anything. She values knowledge a lot
and she would not miss the chance to gain extra knowledge. She is also well
mannered and respected by everyone due to her humble nature. On the same year in
1546, Lady Jane is sent to court to accompany and live with Queen Catherine
Parr, the sixth wife of King Henry VIII. She was demanded to learn important
social skills that govern life at the Royal Court. Unknown to other people,
Jane actually have no interest in powers and the throne. Her parent were very
cruel and mistreated her. Upon knowing that she was invited to live with
Catherine Parr by Catherine’s second husband, she was very delightful as she
can finally escape her home. Jane’s father agrees to the arrangement and she
spends several happy years living in their home. But things drastically change
to worse when Catherin became ill after giving birth and dies right away. Jane’s
life changes for the worse. She was forced to follow her mother her and there
and she have to follow all the strict rules that she has always hated. She was
worried when she found out that her cousin Edward is sick and she keeps looking
for a way to see her dear cousin but to no avail. Her mother keeps pushing her
to do the things she would not want to but she hast to obey them as those are
her only family. Her parent use her as a pawn for their quest for power and
they set a very dangerous plan for the young girl. They want their Jane to be
the Queen so that their political power will increase. Her parent had betrothed
her to Guildford Dudley even though she does not like him or know him. Jane’s
parent scheme a plan along with Guildford’s parent to ensure that Jane will
become the Queen of England. Their plan succeeded and Jane became the Queen but
only for nine days before being overthrown by Princess Mary. Even though Lady
Jane Grey only lives to the age of sixteen, her life was full with dangers and
excitement. Lady Jane is a very passionate person, she loves reading books and
also writing. She hates being restricted to a certain rules and her dream is to
live freely. Her personality is well liked by everyone even the maids as she is
very humble and polite to everyone else. During that era, woman do not really
study and their focus is the household but for Jane, she believes woman should
be par with the man in term of education.


grew up watching her cousin Edward preparing for the throne and they always
exchanging letters with each other about their belief. In 1547, King Henry VIII
passed away leaving the nine years old King Edward to take on the throne. As
Lady Jane Grey is also used as a pawn in her parents’ dangerous political
scheme, King Edward fell ill and dies. From that moment onwards, her life takes
a dramatic turn as the young king doesn’t have any heir and he refused on abdicating
the throne to his two older sisters Mary who is a catholic and Elizabeth the
second sister. As he is a strong Protestant Christian believer following his
Father, King Henry VIII, he had refused to put Mary, his older sister as his
successor as she is a strong Catholic Christian who will use every chance to
overthrow the Protestant Church and bring back the Catholic Church glories. As
for Elizabeth, Edward doesn’t trust her as much due to   their mother’s strained relationship which
leaves King Edward to abdicate to his only friend and his closest cousin, Lady
Jane Grey. She was officially proclaimed as the Queen of England on the 9th of
July 1553. Although she is married to Lord Guilford Dudley, a younger son of
John Dudley, she had refused to give the King title to her husband to avoid misuse
of political powers in which is actually a smart idea. Like every political
drama, Lady Jane Grey faces opposition from both Mary and Elizabeth as they
both is the legitimate heirs for the throne. The opposition was mainly from
Mary as the Privy Council had changed their allegiance from Lady Jane Grey to
Mary in the absence of Northumberland, her main supporter. They claimed Mary as
the new queen on the 19th of July 1553 causing Jane and her husband to be
imprisoned. In September, the council declared Mary as the rightful Queen of England
and claimed that Jane’s proclamation was false. Both Jane and her husband were
charged for high treason and were to be killed but her life was spared by Mary.
But, the Protestant rebellion who used Jane as their benefactor sealed her fate
and she was executed on the morning of 12 February 1554 along with her beloved
husband. Jane turned to Feckenham who stood beside her while she was kneeling
down in a solid wooden scaffold. Then Jane asked the priest, should she start
praying? He could barely reply him as he has tried his best to save her but her
faith never waiver. Jane began her prayer which was Psalm 51then she says it
again in English. Everyone were silent, no one could say a word and dark shadow
rested over the scene and the only sound that can be heard was her attendant’s
sobs. Even all the soldiers stop moving and pay their respect. She brace
herself and she looks like she is ready to receive the impact of the powerful
axe. Then suddenly she speaks in a clear voice “Lord, into thy hands I commend my
spirit.” With a smooth and fast stroke, but sharp and bloody, Jane’s life