This is the main reason that the cultivation

This drug is in high demands in states like Rajasthan and Punjab. Since the transaction takes
place in cash, it leaves no trail of documents. The poppy trade has flourished in the valley. Many
farmers in Kashmir defend the cultivation of the poppy crop, for its seed locally known as Kashash,

widely used for garnishing food. However, the money offered for each kilogram is the major reason
for rampant growth of the illicit crops. Profitability from these crops is the main reason that the
cultivation of pulses, potatoes have been replaced.

According to the official reports, 5134.10 Kanals of poppy and bhang were destroyed in the state,
and in 2017, the total destruction has been 9233.8 kanals. As per the data available with Jammu
office of Narcotics Control Bureau 640 persons have been arrested till November 30, 2017 in
connection with 531 cases registered under NDPS Act, 89 kgs of charms, 63 kgs of heroin, 202
kgs of ganja and 1kg of brown sugar has been recovered this year.

The ripple effect of one farmer profiteering from cultivation of opium has invited others to join in.
The excise department officials find the cultivation of illicit crop is prevalent in the districts of
Kashmir namely Pulwama, Anantnag, Budgam and Kupwara.

The United Drugs Control Programme (2012) has reported that 70,000 people in the valley are
drug abusers out of which 4000 are females. The age group of 17-35 years are indulged in
substance abuse. The alarming rate at which the youth is falling prey to this menace often
questions the trumpet of development blown. Development for who? If the youth is becoming a
burden for the society then who would be the bearers and inheritors of a culturally vibrant state

A Japanese proverb rightly sums up the ill and often fatal effect of the substance abuse- ” First the
man takes the drink, then the drink takes the man”.

The fact that there is nexus of cops-soldiers-mafia controlling the drug business in J&K was
established when J&K police nabbed one army jawan with 8kgs of heroin costing Rs 40 crores.
The Narcoterrorism is more dangerous than other kinds of terror and it has to be taken other kinds
of terror and it has to be taken as one of the menaces prevailing in the society which can be
devastating for younger generation.

To fight drug menaces, the cooperation of people is necessary to root out the menace. More efforts
are needed to wipe out the menaces from the state. Small efforts done by individuals are needed.
Police along with others are trying their best to have drugs free society.

Govt must open drug de addiction and rehabilitation centres in the districts of J&K. Hostile
neighbours have been quite successful in their attempts to saw the seeds of narco terrorism.In
past various consignments of drugs have been seized on the LOC by the army.

The need of the present day is to ensure that narco terrorism is put to a check. There must be
rolling out of programmes for rehabilitating drug abuses. Religious scholars, priests must play a
key role in generating awareness about the menace. Various awareness programmes explaining
the physical, emotional, psychological imbalance arising out of drug abuse must be held monthly.If
drug abuse isn’t tackled efficiently in time it can have grave consequences for the state at large.