This promote offense and violence. The fact of

essay is based on three speech presentations such as Intercultural
Communications, communicating in groups, and group leadership and problem-solving.

communication discuss with communication among different cultures, it is an
interaction between different people, which can be interpersonal or media. It
has to do with aspects of information between people or groups that have experienced
diverse cultural experiences.
The different refers to diverse cultures, but also
to minority groups (homosexuals, disabled people, ethnic groups, etc.). Interculturality
refers to the interaction of people who may have contact with people of
different culture and not, as in many cases they tend to confuse it, as people
who interact from one culture to another

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that also mentions the text and that is a subject of great interest is race and
ethnicity. Infrequently, although the population has the conception of
ethnicity, it is usually related with the theory of race; both words do not mean
to the same. Ethnicity is all about cultural factors, like traditions, language
and religious beliefs. The race, on the other hand, highlights the
morphological characteristics of a human group (skin tone, facial features,
texture, etc.).There are people who oppose this type of classifications of
ethnicity and race because they tend to promote offense and violence. The fact
of identifying as part of a social group can lead a person to an exacerbated
defense of their particularity and to enter into conflict with the members of
other groups.

in groups is the human being in itself communication. All human behavior become
a sign of communication and has message value: activity and inactivity, words,
gestures and the same silence. Group communication occurs in meetings between
the members of a department, committee, work group, project team or any other
group united for a common purpose.When group communication is effective, it can
result in a very productive and very close team. You can establish long and
lasting working relationships that are capable of achieving extraordinary feats.
When the group does not communicate effectively, not only can there be
friction, but poor or poor results can also be produced. In group
communication, people tend to assume roles and positions that affect the
results of communication. Some of these roles and positions are useful and others
are not.

Leadership and problem solving, Leadership is
defined as the “activity of people that achieve the group’s
objectives”. A group should be a small group. Teamwork can be defined
as that activity that requires the participation of different
people; which implies a mutual share skills and knowledge; where
there must be a relationship of trust, with the assurance that the leader will
fully carry out the task.

Working as a team is an opportunity for personal growth and social triumph that
facilitates individual improvement by helping others, integrate and
Working as a team is fundamental and necessary for our daily life. The
custom of privileging individual work and seeking personal benefit is common in
our Society; for this reason, it is difficult to adapt and, above all, to
submit ourselves firmly to teamwork.