This the society and considers them as immoral

This act can be best explained
using the Impression Formation Theory
whereby John has continuously developed a negative perception about homosexuals
in the society and considers them as immoral people who should be chased away
from the community and rebuked whenever that are noted or seen around.
Currently, John is undergoing counseling programs which seem to be helping him
develop a positive attitude towards gay people and start treating them as
equals with others.

The recent years have witnessed
a dramatic change on the issue of homosexuality whereby new laws have emerged
to normalize this practice as a way of ensuring that all people receive equal
rights and freedom to choose a life partner. Although it is not the view of the
majority, public surveys show that the actual causes that make people become
homosexuals are highly biological and out of their control hence no one should
neither be judged nor discriminated for something that is beyond his or her
control. This fact is what has led to the legalization of homosexuality in the
country. Although positive attitudes and perceptions of people towards
homosexuality are changing and evolving over the years, the overall negative
impression that people tend to have on this issue is still prevalent. John
should have put into consideration the impact of his action and try to put
himself in the shoes of these two men who were only exercising their rights and
had not in any way offended anyone including John. There was no need for John
to rebuke and insult this couple for exercising their sexual orientation. John
should not have allowed his perception about homosexuals which he had acquired
from other people influence him into engaging in such misconduct.

John’s action of confronting and
rebuking the two men who were kissing in the public was highly facilitated by
his continued perception that homosexuality is not allowed and accepted in the
society and that those individuals who practice homosexuality are the most
immoral and disrespectful people that anyone can come across and that they
should be rebuked and if possible chased away from the society. John’s
perception about the homosexuals has profoundly been contributed by people’s
view about gay people whereby most of the people in the community still
consider homosexuality as immoral and not in line with God’s teachings. This
continued notion in the society about gay people on how immoral and
disrespectful they are mainly in public is what has transpired to John’s belief
and perception about this category of people in the society. However, it is
clear that a lot of things have changed and some of the past perceptions and
views are now being considered as stereotypes and that they should be
eradicated in the society to ensure that people are up-to-date. The past few
decades have seen the homosexuals receive a lot of stigmatization and
marginalization in the community and the country as a whole whereby most of
them have been afraid to come out in the open and show their sexual orientation
without fear.

Impression Formation Theory: in social psychology, this
theory helps in showing and explaining how accumulation of individual pieces of
information about a person or a group of individuals results to the formation
of some global impression of such an individual or a group of people and one
tends to use and maintain such perceptions while interpreting the behavior of
the observed subjects.


By the time John was done
insulting and rebuking these two gentlemen, he had managed to attract a large
crowd of people who the majority of them were against John’s action. This event
resulted in this couple filing a suit against John whereby John with the help
of the family lawyer managed to escape from being taken to the juvenile by an
inch. John was fined $23,000 for this public assault and is currently going
through a guidance and counseling program that has been recommended by the
judge as a way of enabling him to develop a positive perception towards all
people irrespective of their social attributions and sexual orientations. These
counseling lessons are also helping him understand that everyone has the equal
right to choose a life partner and should not be prevented from doing so by
anyone as this would translate into violation human rights to freedom.

Interaction: Early this year, as John and I
who are both siblings were walking late in the evening along the street on our
way home from school, John saw a man kissing another man. Both men who seemed
to be a couple were seated on one of the benches that the state has built for
the residents to sit on and relax as they wait to board a vehicle while John
saw them kissing. John got enraged to the extent that he could not hold himself
together and decided to confront this couple. My effort to stop my brother from
approaching this couple with the aim of confronting them for doing such an
immoral act in the public domain bore no fruits as John was stronger than me.
When John finally got near them, he barked at them saying, “You two are
the most disgusting creatures in this state that is why you are kissing each
other in public.” These words that John echoed at these two gentlemen
sounded like the greatest insults and discrimination that this couple had ever
received in their lives. The two men got humiliated to the extent that one of
them shed tears in disbelief of the level of marginalization and discrimination
that John had demonstrated.

Context: John and I having a heated
debate in our living room on whether it is right or not to treat homosexuals
equally with those who are not. During this talk, John evidently shows that he
has a low disregard for gays as most of the people in the community do contrary
to me who is of the opinion that everyone should have the right and freedom to
choose his or her spouse irrespective of the sexual orientation.


Impression Formation Theory

Journal Entry 1

Daniel Seibert