Those and life. To live for myself, have

are my future expectations throughout the semester and life. To live for myself,
have as much knowledge about things, but most of all feel accomplished of myself.

            As for my future after college, I expect for myself to be
successful. I hope to have a job that pays very well and has good benefits. Although
good pay sounds good, I just want to have a job I know I will love to do. I want
to have a good stable career, because I know it will be to my advantage when trying
to build a life for myself. I expect to love the career I choose for myself. So
far, my heart is set on being a Physical Therapist, I hope to one day provide holistic
care to patients.

            I expect to experience a lot in college, whether it may
be meeting new people while living in the dorms or joining a club to volunteer
and get involved on campus. I am expecting to experience what it will be like
to play on the women’s basketball team. I anticipate growing as a person both
in and out of the classroom, by trying new things like taking a class because
it sounds interesting. When I look back on my college years, I want to be able
to say, “I did not regret anything I did back in those days, I did everything I
wanted to do.” College years do not last forever, they fly by.

            I expect to learn anything and everything there is to
know about physical activity. I would like to understand the connection between
physical activity, nutrition, weight, and body composition. I look forward to
learning the most important characteristics and methods that are used to study
physical activity. I await to see what professions use physical activity, to
determine if this is the path I continue. I hope to gain as much knowledge from
what I learn in this class, and take it with me throughout my career and put it
to good use.  

you take the time to look back at your life, think about how many times you
wanted to give up. Whether it may be because someone had told you, you couldn’t
do it or maybe you just gave up yourself. You
cannot let the fear of disappointment or judgment stop you from doing things
that will make you become the character you dream of being or just to simply do
great in life. Risks must be taken to become successful. With that said, I have
high expectations to learn from this class, to experience in college, and what
my future after the college life will be like.