“Those Winter Sundays”

The poem, “Those Winter Sundays,” written by Robert Hayden showed me the true love and devotion of a father. Throughout the poem, Robert used very descriptive words that painted a very clear picture time and time again in my head. Every time I read this poem I was able to get a better idea of the story that the poet was really trying to tell. A poem has so many different levels and meanings to it, reading it more than once can sometimes help your understanding greatly. The poem had such an in depth meaning, more than the words could even begin to describe.

The father in this poem was the perfect loving father. Every morning the poet’s father would wake up extra early to make sure that the house was warm by the time his family was awoke. His actions showed the amount of love that the father had for his family. Not only was he getting up early, but he was also going outside into the extreme cold, to sacrifice for his children and gather wood for the fire. The poet made the reader feel the cold when he described it as a ” splintering, breaking cold.

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This was an excellent way to make the reader feel the sacrifice that the father was taking to keep his family warm. The poet’s father did not have to heat the house for his family every morning, but he did it anyways, out of love. Every morning, when he would call them out of their rooms, his family would not even thank him for the deed that he had done for them. The father could have chosen to get angry for not being appreciated for his services; but instead, he chose to get his fulfillment through seeing his family warm when they woke.

The stanza that revealed this part of the poem really gave me a distinct picture of what kind of man this father was. When people do something nice for someone they need to have positive feedback from the person. This father did not need that. The last stanza of this poem completed it perfectly by showing the fathers love and having the author realize that he didn’t show enough appreciation for him. This poem really hit my heart because it reminded me of my father. It made me realize how loving and helping your dad can be.

The poet’s father’s love was never ending. The father in this poem really showed me what it takes to be a good father. Many sincere and loving things that you do will never be noticed by your family, but the fact that you still want to do these wonderful things shows your love even more deeply than if they thanked you for everything that you do. It makes me recognize that I don’t show enough appreciation for my own father. I am now motivated to make changes in my own life and show him just how much he and the things he does means to me.