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Though Canada’s unemployment rate is at an all time low, the legalization of marijuana would decrease this number even further, with many new career options predicted to become available. This would greatly benefit people who are not looking to become consumers of the drug once it is legalized. Since a major reason for the legalization of the drug is to decrease the number of youth in possession of the substance many teaching jobs would be available to help spread awareness and education of how to safely use marijuana if needed (Hajizadeh Mohammad 2016 May 25 Legalizing and Regulating Marijuana in Canada: Review of Potential Economic, Social, and Health Impacts retrieved from Outside of education there are many people who work behind the scenes to make sure the legalization of marijuana is a smooth and safe process. Many careers related to the study of law will be needed, including many legal experts and lawyers. Specifically these jobs would include ” so for a lawyer, there’s partnership agreements, there’s commercial agreements, there’s public fundraising and mergers and acquisitions.” as said by Debbie Weinstein of LaBarge Weinstein LLP (2016). The varying job opportunities would also benefit those who may have increasingly struggled in obtaining a steady career. Medical marijuana companies have already begun looking for places to commence work once the bill has been past and have taken an interest in a place near a Cowichan tribe near Duncan British Columbia. Many people from native communities have had to move to find work, but due to the coming legalization they will be able to find employment near home. “…It is hard for any First Nation, doesn’t matter where you go, when they grow up in their own community. Having to move is always a huge thing,” says Chief William Seymour. Kane, Laura (2017 August 6) Marijuana legalization offers hope for jobs in communities hit by resource losses retrieved from Many people think that legalizing marijuana will only benefit two kinds of people: people who consume the drug or companies who will be producing and selling the product. While these assumptions may be partially correct there are many more people of multiple situations and classes that would benefit from this current situation. Many people who are currently struggling financially see this as a shining hope; as an opportunity to get back on their feet and improve a life that they thought was unattainable.