Throughout we sell in the store. Being able

my experience in college thus far, I have seen the opportunities that lie ahead
of the vast realm of business that await me. I am grateful to say that I have
had the liberty of taking a business internship along with working at Bob’s
Stores, a retail store that specializes in sports apparel and footwear. I have
dealt with customer service and envisioned first hand what it is like to be
able to decide what effects sales and what drives popularity within a product. I’ve
been able to push myself and develop my skills within my position as I am eager
to learn more about customer necessities and how I could help the business
develop. My ability to analyze the factors that impact what customers may see
at first glance is a skillset that will prove be beneficial in the future. Working
in retail has also increased my proficiency in how I communicate with customers
and individuals outside of work. Struggling to speak with customers at first,
it didn’t take long to adapt and find myself more comfortable speaking and
presenting products we sell in the store. Being able to overcome difficult
obstacles and create unique displays of product has moved me right in the
direction of where I want to be.

has allowed me to study how essential decision-making and leadership is to the
area of marketing. By taking Communications I learned about the critical role
communication has in business. Making it my goal to become increasingly involved
in the importance of how marketing can control how successful a business is.

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to the United States from Brazil at a very young age, I have been able to
experience how diversity is a core value that best represents me. By being able
to embrace my culture and the ones around me, I’m prepared to work in the
expanding market we have today. Interacting with people from all over the world
at my job and in school has significantly developed my social skills as I have
been able to expand my social circle. Through befriending many people from various
backgrounds, I can now compare their own experiences to mine, providing more
insight on what other people use as motivation to strive for success.

speaking 3 languages and recognizing other cultures, has allowed me to greatly improve
how I observe problems from several perspectives. Receiving an immense amount
of diverse customers at work, I am able to speak to them in other languages in
order to help them have the best experience. Altogether, this has recently allowed
me to excel in my studies and intensify my commitment to joining the school of
business. It proves to not only myself, but my parents that coming to the
United States was well worth the sacrifice, as my journey has only just begun. Entering
the school of business is the next step in taking what I have learned thus far
to the next level. Marketing has so much to offer me and I am willing to discover
how far I can go in learning about components like strategies, budgeting, and