Thumping pounded through the night, until the deep

and screeching, the solidified engine kicked into movement, pushing the smooth,
modern train down the beaten, old track and into the dark. Indeed, even after
the train had left, the sound of the beating locomotives pounded through the
night, until the deep booms of its intense thrusts quieted down to gentle beats
in the heart of the night. Fog twirled tenderly over the empty track, covering
in the wispy blanket. The track was now hidden underneath a strange layer, like
a deep secret or a myth. Looking outside through the window, the landscape was every
fascinating color, each one of them as new as another canvas straight from
Rome. The splendid greens exiled each dark thought and the sky lifted the eye
in a way that brought the villagers to respect the strands of the floating
white cloud. The flowers lay scattered on the grass like solidified flares,
conveying their cool blast to the late spring morning. There really was no cover,
no hills, nothing to obstruct the view. There wasn’t a single landmark other
than the sun in the daytime and the constellations at night. Finally, the train
had arrived. The subway at this late hour resembles a murder scene before the
crime. There is nobody here but me right now. In the daytime the subway station
was a fuming mass of humanity. Everybody from every walk of life was shoulder
to bear, in each other’s appearances, no individual space, no exceptions. I
have walked these streets my entire life, I know them simply the same as though
they were carved in my mind with a sharp blade, scored in profound like some
unusual masterpiece. These are the streets I experienced childhood with and for
the most part I’m comfortable here, at home, on the down low with an enduring
heartbeat. Not today though. Tonight my heart is pounding out of my chest. It demands
salvation. It sounds like it’s going to crack a rib. My senses are on high
alert. Every color is brighter, every noise louder, every stranger causes to
make my heart beat more fiercely still. I felt like a stranger to my own town. But
once I stepped into our neighborhood, I was drenched with the sweet scent of
childhood memories. Finally I’m back home.