Title: It makes it a bit more passable.

Title: 3 Step Action Plan For Coconut Oil Colon Cleanse

Category: Health and Fitness

1.     Getting Started


A centuries old and very simple detoxification method, during a Coconut Oil Colon Cleanse, one just needs to replace his/her regular diet with 1-2 tablespoons of Coconut oil. Now it might sound all easy, but trust me it isn’t.  It’s a week of, well almost choking with every spoonful of oil you gulp. As per every body’s need, a person can consume up to 14 tablespoons of coconut oil all through the day.  It’s all about figuring out what quantity works the best for you and your body.

Now, if you are somebody who has a hard time gulping it straight in, we have other, slightly less effective alternatives as well. Majority of people prefer mixing it with organic coconut oil with some lukewarm water and even yogurt for that matter. It makes it a bit more passable. Some people even add Stevia in a small quantity to sweeten it a bit, that being said, sugar is a big no-no during this detox. So, if you have a sugar-tooth you might want to give this colon cleanse a second thought. Doctors also suggest consumption of fresh coconut meat on a daily basis during the detox but the quantity should be limited.

2.     Use Raw and Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil

The most effective and the best type of coconut oil for colon cleanse and detoxification is the natural organic, raw extra virgin one. It should preferably be unrefined, cold-pressed and deodorized. These are the kinds that ensure that the oil seeps in and your body get the maximum level of benefits from the oil being consumed.

Beginners should let their body get accustomed to the oil slowly. If you are somebody who has never consumed coconut oil, you might want to slowly incorporate this adjustment in your diet. Begin with about 1 tablespoon thrice a day and gradually increase the quantity of intake. You’ll notice you’ll be able to work up the full amount in just about 2 weeks.