Title under its title in the such results?

Title TagsTitle tags are display the title of the web page whenever a search is made on the Search Engine of a web page. It quite important that the title tag contains the key words for page. The title tag should also contain a title that stands out and differs from other pages’ title. As for the length, Ledford (2009) states that “the World Web Consortium recommends that web site designers keep their titles 64 characters or less”(p.131)Title Tags in HTMLThe title tags come in between the opening and closing head tags in the head page containing the page’s header information. This is how a title tag is displayed in HTML: “fashion, style and comfort all in one shoe”The Importance of Title Tags in SEO1. Are responsible for showing the title on toolbar of the web browser2. The title in the tag is the title that is saved when a web page is added to favorites3. The title in the title tag is an identity marker for a page in a search engineMeta Description TagsThese tags are used to write a summary of the contents of the whole. Ever seen then short text that describes a page under its title in the such results? Then this text is what is contained in the meta description tag. The meta description tag should contain key words but different from the ones in the title. The length also should be kept at about 150 characters.Meta Description Tags in HTMLJust as the title tags, the meta description tags are placed within the opening and closing head tags. Below shows how in HTML the meta description tag is displayed:The Importance of Meta Description Tags in HTML1. They draw visitors into a web page.Behavioral TargetingThis is a technique used by website designers where they make their webpages according to the previous behavior patterns of online users with the intentions of luring them to visit their pages. An example of behavioral targeting is when a website designer wants to make a website on television screens notices that most online users are interested in smart TVs, therefore he makes a website exclusively on smart TVs to target this people.