To bond their relationship. For example, Tesco can

To solve the lack of effectiveness development level of productivity and morale in the organization problem Tesco can do is create some activity to let the employee and manager bond their relationship. For example, Tesco can create a team building in a holiday to make the manager and employee know more about each other. Tesco also can create a company trip to let the employees have the time to release their stress and indirectly improve their effectiveness when their work. In additional, manager should be clear about the talent needs of his organization. Every position must have a position description and a performance plan get to know all the employees’ strengths and weaknesses, their competencies, their aspirations and who they are as individuals. Make continuous development a priority and help each individual develop and take responsibility for their own plan. Be a full time talent scout and seek out employee who appear to be great additions. Pipe line potential is important to insure that the manager management team understands the importance of developing talent so they can support manager overall direction.Next, to solve the problem that managers to micro-manage the level of detail will cause of lacking decision making ability in leadership is Tesco can utilize a different way to make a decision. Sometime the decision making can change to vote by top management, manager, and employees it will be fair to everyone to choose the best idea. It also make the employee put more effort on the project because they are more understand what the project wants. Likewise, Tesco can open a class for manager to improve their leadership skill it also the way to solve this problem. This class can let manager to do micro-manage and macro-manage at the same time. This can increase the manager confident to make a decision and this will not cause the manager to be afraid to make mistakes. Leaders need to step up their motives and begin to provide the required strategic support and direction to keep their employees motivated and their teams inspired. The manager understand the effects of his own process and begin to adopt a regimen that will leads the manager be a more confident person to decision making outcome, the expectation result you will get at making good a timely decisions. What’s urgent is not always important but sometimes deciding not to take an action maybe is the best decision.