To: I am excited to be working alongside

To: Audit Team A

From: Nurul Faiszah

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Subject: Cultivating an
ideal workplace environment


would like to start off by expressing my gratitude for welcoming me as your new
team manager the previous day. I am excited to be working alongside a team that
is diligent and one that puts continuing efforts in maintaining their
performance and quality of audit work produced.

Management expectations

your new manager, I must assure you that while our goal would still be to
maintain excellent performance and quality of service, your well-being shall
not be neglected nor compromised. Meeting the company’s 10% average annual
growth rate and profit targets would be great but not necessarily a factor in gauging
the team’s overall ability and success.

Making the workplace a livelier place

misunderstandings and differences in opinions at the workplace is a norm. To
get to a common ground, below are two pointers that can help bridge opposing

team cohesion

Having a cohesive team that has trust and mutual
confidence would greatly help the team’s performance especially when an issue
persists. Additionally, the working environment would be livened up with a
cohesive team working alongside you. Team outings can be arranged to encourage








A compromise would only be possible if parties
communicate effectively. This is particularly important to avoid conflicts due
to miscommunication of issues. Moreover, effective communication among members
is very vital in a highly performing team. So, conflicting parties will each
have to play the roles of an active listener as well as a concise speaker.

ahead, with your determination and diligence, I have no doubts that we can
achieve beyond expectation.  Also, with
your continual hard work, transfers to other departments or retrenchment will
no longer be necessary. Thank you once again for your focus and enthusiasm.

Nurul Faiszah