Today, as a result of oil spills from

we are talking about the risks of pollution on our health and the diseases
caused by it.  we can all agree that
pollution is a big problem, not only on humans, all the creatures are affected
by all the kinds of pollution. We must avoid 
it .

 What is the definition of 
pollution ?

The presence of a harmful substance or poisonous into
the environment that has dangerous effects.


pollution damages the human health as well as the death of vegetation, and animals
of different kinds. The emergence of many new environmental phenomena, such as:
melting ice, rising ground temperature and low oxygen ratio that causes severe
damage to the health of man.


Some types of pollution that pose a great
danger to humans:

of water:

type occurs as a result of the change in the concentration of water elements,
or the change in its condition due to human activity, as a result of oil spills
from oil tankers to sea water and oceans, dumping of plant waste and garbage in
water. Some of the diseases caused by this contaminate : kidney diseases such
as renal failure. Urinary tract cancers such as bladder cancer.

Air pollution:

 Air pollution is the  presence
of a poisonous chemicals in the air, at levels that can create a health risk.
In an general sense, air pollution means the existence of chemicals in the
air which are usually not present and which can reduces the quality of the air
or cause harmful changes to the quality of life (for example damaging the ozone
layer or causing global warming).


The causes of
air pollution mainly are two reasons:

1. Natural
causes: volcanoes, dust storms, fire and especially forest fire.

2. Industrial
causes: they are  more dangerous than the
natural causes, some of which are as follows:

-Oil industries
and their exhaust


-Pesticides and
the resulting .

are organizations that are specializing in environmental protection, such as
Echo Canada.

If  pollution is a very
big problem because it poses big threats on earth, harms humans, animals and
affects the ozone layer. Be a part of ending all the kinds
of pollution to live a healthy and harmless life.

What you can do to reduce the pollution:

There are many choices that we can make every day in order to help
make a difference in reducing pollution.

Here are some effortless steps you can take:

walk or ride a bike to work or the
shops instead of driving.  Cars Motor emissions
is the most significant source of most common air pollutants.

Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle
next time you are changing your car.

Save energy, by turning off the television and make sure you turn
off  the light when you leave the room.
Not only you will save money on your electricity bill, you will reduce emissions
from coal-fired electricity plants.

Buy energy -efficient appliances. Check the energy rating label
when buying new or second hand electrical appliances.

Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.