Today, time with their children and their husband

Today, there are many different perspectives about
getting married or being single. Some people just want to find that special
person that they can spend the rest of their lives with. Some people just want
to enjoy life and remain single. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and
take different mindsets to enjoy. People fail to realize that it is better to
be married rather than be single because some aspects change such as

            In the first place, Freedom is one of the
differences between married life and single life. In married life, you must
consult each other but in a single life, you do not have to consult anyone. For
example, if a single person is offered a job across the country they will jump
on it but if a married person is offered a job across the country they will
have to talk to their partner to see how they feel about it before making a
huge decision. Single people can go out with friends without asking for
permission but if married people want to go out with friends they have asked
their partners. Single people are not told what to do and what not to do but
married people will be bothered by their partners.

            Secondly, married people have more responsibility than single people. Single
people are self-responsible while married people are responsible for their
partners as well. They must manage their money and expenses gently every day.
They must manage their time for their families. They must spend time with their
children and their husband or wife every day. Married people are responsible for raising their children and
getting their families in the right manner. In contrast, single people must do
everything on their own and they do not
have to worry about anyone else but themselves. Married people have the benefit
to split things in half such as utilities, housing & groceries. Single
people lose the opportunity to split things in half because they are paying for
everything on their own.


to mention, companionship is another difference between married and single
people. Married people have someone that will ask them how they are doing and
how was there day. Married people think about their
future and make decisions in long-term
like when they feel that they are ready to start a family. Single people just
want to enjoy life not settling down and starting a family.

 For every year in the past decade, the biggest
group of unmarried people are those you have never been married. Their numbers
have increased from 60 percent in 2006 to 63 percent in 2015. During that, the number of divorced or widowed people
have decreased. One reason there is a rise in the number of unmarried people is
that of the age in which people first
decide to get married and among those who do tie the knot is increasing. In
2006 the average age to get for women was 25.5 and for men 27.5 by 2015, it was 27.1 for women and 29.2 for men.  (Washington Post)