TOPIC on 45th position (out of a total




A disgruntled customer
acts as a ‘bad will ambassador’ for any company Research shows that only 9% of
customers actually complain, the rest just walk a way and cross to the
competition, due to in adequate or no response from the supplier. An unhappy
customer spreads the word to a minimum of 22 acquaintances. The situation is
per haps worse in India. The world competitiveness year book 2000 placed India
on 45th position (out of a total of 47) on ‘customer orientation’.
Even than only 40% of organizations encouraged customers to complain, while
less than 33% said that their originations appreciated and rewarded staff who
dealt positively with complaints according to this year book.

In a recant study,
cellular users were classified along two dimensions satisfactions and loyally
(see figure-1 below). The survey found that only 33% of subscribers are


The study found that users
are of the opinion that the knowledge level of customer service staff is below
par. Network quality and adequacy of coverage is weakness the whole industry
suffers from. Thus it is clear that the industry is not per forming when it
comes to customer care. That could be that the reason why on a national basis,
cellular companies more and more empowered customers, and rising tides of

Refers to the extra
dimension of customer care that companies develop. For example, on quibble
refund, return any thing policy, extra high quality decor, sensitivity to
customer need, empowerment to staff to deal with customers. With out having to
refer to higher up.

Hence, customer care is
not simply a matter of responding to what customer perceives to be short coming
in the offer of marketer; refer, it is also a matter of anticipant patting what
is often referred to as the ‘delight’ factor and the difference between the
product and the competitors offering.




The project entitled
market share of milk dairies, since it helps the company in achieving the major
market share in future.

The projects is helpful in
identifying the company’s (Tirumala Milk)

Actual customers and to
know about the market share of Tirumala milk and to give suggestions to
increase sales and profits by increasing the channels, quality and other which
will require.

















1.To know the
opinion of people on the quality of Tirumala milk.

2. To Know the
brand loyalty of Tirumala Milk.        

3. To Understand
dominant features of various brands of milk dairies.

4. To Identify
the post-purchase satisfaction levels.

5. The principle
objective of the study is to examine the process of marketing presently pursued
by Tirumala Milk.

6. To Examine the
extent of customer satisfaction about the Tirumala Milk  based on a customer survey.

7. To Explore
brand ratings of various brands of dairy milk.


                                             SCOPE   OF  THE  STUDY

The study is made with customers as the main target.

The study concentrates on Guntur district consumers.

The objective of the study is to find out the customer
satisfaction with respect to Tirumala Dairy consumers.

All products of the dairy are taken into consideration for

Deep root analysis is made in the study.




















Ø  The Time period available
for study is very limited.

Ø  The primary data was not
available sufficiently. So, the research has to depend much secondary data.

Ø  There is chance for false
in the information.

Ø  There are the various
limitations when we are in the study of research tools.

Ø  There is a chance for
biased information  from the side of the


















Methodology of the Study

The research methodology
is very essential to collect information is survey especially deal with market
survey about the customer opinion. The following are the various element of
value in  research methodology.

Research Design:

        The design specified the procedure for
conducting and controlling the research project. In  this study the researcher has used
descriptive design. The propose of descriptive is to identifying design. The
purpose of descriptive is to identified the characteristics of user’s different

Period Of Study:

         This study covers the customer of
Guntur district and it is made in the time period of one month. The data
collected in this  study involves
secondary data which is collected in past for analysis in the year 2009-2010.
This data is collected primarily at this time.

Selection Of The Organization:

Collection Of Data:

           In this study both primary and
secondary data were used. The primary data obtained from the customer of
branded (astra products) and the secondary data is collected from the company
itself. The primary data for the this study collected through personal contact
with users. The questionnaires were distribution to the user and all helps were
provided to them to fill the questioners.