Trailers for the films Recess and Antz

I am writing about two trailers for films called Recess and Antz. They are both animated movies but have totally different styles, one is computerised whilst the other is a traditional hand animation. Animated films appeal to children but the humour is often more appropriate for adults. The trailer for Antz is computerised, it uses computer animation. This type of film can take anything from one to four years to make, it is a costly process and many people would have to work on the film. A basic outline of the characters and shots would be done and then all features are put on the computer.

The animation in Recess is the traditional hand animation; this is also a long and costly process as every movement that is seen is hand drawn and copied over and over again each one showing a slight movement. The launching of a new film needs publicity to make the public aware of the film existence. Posters showing an eye catching shot from the film or the main actors will raise the awareness of the public, but showing a trailer is the most effective way of attracting the audience to go and see a film.

The type of action seen is fast clips of some of the most exciting parts of the film without giving too much away. The whole story has to be cut from an hour and a half film to two and a half minutes for the trailer but still give a basic outline of what the film is about. Exciting action will attract the audience to come back and watch a film, but many times the short clips are the only good parts of the film. The trailer creates a good impression to attract people to watch the film but then the audience are disappointed because the film does not live up to their expectations.

The trailers for both Antz and Recess were a good representation of the whole film, I was not disappointed. In the very last frame of the trailer we normally see ‘coming soon’ in big bold writing, with a date that it will be in the cinemas if known. On every trailer the name of the film is given. On most films, including the two I am comparing, the name of the film is at the end of the trailer which helps you remember the name better – you are more likely to pay attention to the name if the trailer was good and you want to watch the film.

The music in the trailer matches the action in the film, for example, in Recess when the main characters are setting up the troops [other children] to protect the school, military music is playing but when there is a lot of action fast rock music is played. The music in Antz is in the background, with a beat change to give effect changes according to what is going on in the film. The voice over gives the effect for the film and is intended to add to the anticipation.

A mans voice is used in both trailers, his voice is deep and strong and sounds very powerful and authoritative but also easy to listen to. I have seen trailers shown in the cinema, at the beginning of a video and between television programmes and personally feel that those shown at the cinema are the best as they are longer and are usually targeting to appeal to the same type of audience as the main feature.

However, people may not go to the cinema but most people have television, therefore trailers shown on television will be seen by a wider range of people and can be shown more frequently to encourage as many people as possible to watch the film. The humour in these films would appeal to adults but I think the trailers are more likely to be shown before children’s films at the cinema or during the time that children would be watching the television.