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Trains offer a relatively unmatched comfort level compared to most other forms of transport apart fromflights. Some trains are far more luxurious than others, with first class services and fine diningexperience. Only a handful of such trains exist in India. They offer a ride through cities, various touristhotspots, and historic centres.There are a total of seven of such heritage and luxury trains currently operating in India:? Palace on Wheels:One of the original luxury trains in India, it was founded way back in 1982 and has since beenrefurbished and voted the 4 th most luxurious train in the world. The concept was derived fromthe personal coaches of erstwhile rulers of the princely states of Rajputana, Gujarat, etc. It iseight days & seven nights trip starting from New Delhi, then covering Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur,and Chittaurgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur, and Agra.? Royal Rajasthan on Wheels:A similar concept modelled after the Palace on Wheels, it passes through most of Rajasthan aswell as some wildlife and heritage sites. Founded in 2009, it offers most of the amenities thatthe palace on wheels offers but differs vastly in routes taken. The eight-day journey starts inNew Delhi and passes through Jodhpur, Udaipur and Chittaurgarh, Ranthambore National Parkand Jaipur, Khajuraho, Varanasi, and Sarnath, Agra and then ends in New Delhi.? Maharajas Express:A recently founded luxury express, the Maharajas Express, has been consistently voted theworld’s leading luxury train five times in a row. It is the most expensive luxury train in the world.This train offers five different routes to tour India in the most royal of ways.? Mahaparinirvan Express:This is a train operated by the IRCTC solely for Buddhist pilgrims traveling in India. TheMahaparinirvan Express traverses various Buddhist places in North India for seven nights andeight days on a very spiritual and soul-soothing journey.? Golden Chariot:The Golden Chariot is a luxury train that runs through the four states of South India, namely,Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Goa. The train also passes through the Union Territory ofPondicherry. It has been consistently voted as Asia’s most luxurious train and has received a fairbit of accolades. The train was modelled around the palace on wheels and has two itinerariesnamely ‘Pride of the South’ and ‘Splendour of the South.’? Deccan Odyssey:This train that passes through the heart of Maharashtra. Operated by the Maharashtragovernment to boost tourism, it aims to be a complete five-star hotel on wheels. It has sixdifferent itineraries and passes through the Deccan plateau, Western Ghats, and the Konkanregions.? Fairy Queen:This is the world’s oldest functional steam locomotive. It was built in 1855 and restored in 1997to continue running between New Delhi and Alwar, Rajasthan. In 2011, it was recognized by theGuinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest functional steam locomotive.The luxury trains are easily available via the Indian Railways reservation webpage and app. It can alsobe accessed through various other travel-booking websites.