A tree Full of Life

In many cultures trees are a symbol of longevity, wisdom, stability, strength, and peace. We’ve adopted this symbol of enduring time, and turned it into a representation of our family though the generations, thus, the “family tree”. But a tree can represent and symbolize much more. A tree’s life can act as a metaphor for a person’s life experiences and emotions. I have drawn a tree whose parts represent my beliefs and the things that are important in my life. The roots of a tree are what keeps it grounded, preventing it from falling over. Everyone has something they’re grounded to whether it be ancestral, an object or a mentality.

My roots are my morals, through which I’m grounded. Without goof morals I would be unstable causing me to fall from grace. I’ve been in many situations where if I had not had strong morals that allowed me to act with dignity and respect, I would have either looked like an idiot or would have hurt someone, maybe even myself. We all have our vices, that’s what make us human, but with morals we are better equipped to combat the evil that tempts us. It is easier to achieve integrity when you have good ethics to keep you grounded. The trunk of the tree contains wood that allows it to support the tree and keep it standing.

The trunk symbolizes strength and stability. It does not easily give way, and holds the tree upright through the storms of time. The trunk in my life is my family. No matter what happens in my life, my family will always be there supporting me. If I start to fall they will be there holding me up. They want me to succeed and always are pushing me up to the sky. Last year I earned all A’s and all O’s, and I probably wouldn’t have achieved that award if my parents had not been behind me the entire time constantly supporting me while encouraging me to do well in school.

Also, if they had just let me quit water polo like I wanted to in the beginning of the school year, and not encouraged me to keep trying, then I would never had made it to varsity and played in sections. My uncle, grandmother, my aunt, and other family members also support my growth and development. My entire family is very proud of me and they look forward to seeing how I will grow and develop. Like my tree’s trunk, I know my family will help keep me upright with their support throughout my life. The limbs on a tree are very convoluted and twisted together. All the limbs grow off of the trunk.

There are numerous limbs and branches on a tree. I too have numerous branches; some of these limbs represent my sisters who come directly from my family trunk. Other branches stand for my unrelated friends who are also intertwined in my life. I call my sisters, sister friends, because they are the closest friends I could ever have. My friends and I are very close. Ok, that doesn’t mean that our opinions always sway the same direction; sometimes it’s better to have opposing ideas, then your mind doesn’t get stuck in a rut. My friends bring out the best in me. They encourage me to do my hardest and are always there if I need some pick-me-ups.

I can depend on my sisters to look out for me and give me advice when I’m going through a tough time. My sisters and friends will always be a part of me no matter how far we are separated; just like a branch on the opposite side of a tree is still a part of the whole tree. Leaves on a tree come and go; they are never permanent and never will be. Some leaves are lost all at once, while others fall at different intervals. All are pretty in their splendor, and when they pass they leave the tree exposed and empty. The leaves on my tree represent my pets. I’ve had many pets in my life come and go, each leaving a special impression of their own.

I miss them all. I recently lost two of my favorite cats and a pet rat. I knew they would not stay forever, but I was hoping that I could have them longer than I did. Their season of life has come and gone. However, like the new leaves that soon grow to replace the tree’s fallen leaves, we recently brought two new kittens into our family. They are wonderful, and I love and enjoy them very much. I miss my old pets, and I will always have good memories of them, but like a tree whose fallen leaves are replaced, I know out of the ashes of death grows life’s new splendors.

It’s the ever continuing circle of life. May this season be as glorious as the last. Everyone’s life is different, so everyone’s tree is different. We all have a tree that is unique to us and only us. It expresses who we are, or where we came from. No one can tell you what is important to you; you must discover that on your own. Many trees go through change and become something new. My tree represents who I am and what I stand for: Roots and morals; trunk and family support; branches and sisters and friends; and leaves and pets.