TV,something which censorship and social mores wouldn’t allow

TV,something we basically stop watching,because we now start get our own self worth from our phone so much we forget the beginning of TV. The thing call TV is so weird, really. In the beginning, they basically didn’t know what to do at first, so they started doing plays and we ended up with shows like Seinfeld. In the end, David compromise on his vision of  Seinfeld being a combination of multi-camera and single-camera footage to which opened the floodgate of possibilities for cinematic television programs such as show like Breaking Bad and many other shows that have since utilized a single-camera approach. Seinfeld also in a way created its own economy as the actors and the directores making $150 million per year at it peak. By the end of the show, Jerry Seinfeld was earning $1 million per episode and NBC executives tried to get Jerry to return for a tenth season of Seinfeld by offering $5 million per episode but, was turned down by the comic. Along with bringing actors such as Peter Dinklage millions of dollars it also, bring things such as politics into TV show. For example, in the fourth season of Seinfeld it cleverly took a subject like taboo, which censorship and social mores wouldn’t allow shows such as Seinfeld to say “masturbation” outright, so the four friends decided to competed to see who could remain the “master of their domain.” Even though the fans claim that the show is really about nothing, it’s really not as Armstrong said, “It’s actually everyday stuff. And I think that’s what keeps us coming back to it, and that made it a hit, a fairly widespread mainstream hit at the time. Yeah, they may be sort of elite New Yorkers. They might not be the best, most admirable people. But they’re dealing with these everyday irritations that we all really relate to.” Armstrong said in interview. The last episode of the show ended with the gang of Seinfeld was imprisoned because of their wrongdoing throughout the show which anger many of the fan of the show for which show director Larry David try to explain the ending by showing that all four friends were terrible people and help the rise of the anti-hero today. The show also set many norm of the sitcom story in the future such as the complex story structure the story use. Before Seinfeld stories normally a single story lines in any shows but, when Seinfeld aired they didn’t just do a A-B stories line they change it into a A-B-C- and even D story lines into a half an hour shows. This way of storytelling now grant us shows such as Game of thrones,the sopranos,better call Saul, and even the hunger games. (John Lynch,Sways 2)